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Saturday, May 17, 2014

【Game|游戲】Escape Room|密室逃離游戲

May 17, 2014, Saturday
Since I was young, I always addicted to the Detective Connan comic and imagine that I could be like Conan to have that brilliant detective mind to solve all the cases. So since I've a chances here that MeiLing asked me where to go, then I suggest to go try this, the Escape Room.
在我小時候,我就已經很喜歡看名偵探柯南,常常會幻想自己也是那麽厲害,有著很厲害的偵探頭腦,很容易看透一件案件。 所以乘機就拉了美玲陪我去這個密室逃離游戲嘗試一番。

The last time I've been here was during the Chinese New Year, where I got tons of pictures of the Grand Shanghai. But this time I came for this Escape Room game.


我和美玲嘗試了Dungeon of Doom的密室,美玲一開始想要嘗試Up的,但是那個已滿,剩下的衹剩這個,所以我們就唯有的拿下這個來自我挑戰一下。
Is 4 stars difficulties game, we call out for help twice, we were so clueless and don't know where to look for answer. As it stated as the description above, both of our hands are tied with handcuff and brought into a room and covered our eyes with eye mask. The room has two sections and it's very warm inside. First we need to find the key to unlock our hand, but we couldn't, we tried for a little while then we called for help. The staff came inside and tell us the hint is on the wall. So now we got our hand un-cuff now we have to find another key to open the other jail door to go to the other side. That also we couldn't get it =.=!! What else we can get? Thus we called for help again, the answer is inside a box on the floor, is alphabet combination lock. NOW we finally reach the second section. We need to find the PIN to open the final door. But we couldn't understand how it works at all...we almost gave up and it's times up! The staff came and opened the door and explained how we got PIN to open the door. Anyway we're so failed! With the loser, we don't have any price of course, but we got this polariod picture taken in front of the Escape Room entrance.
結果不挑戰還不知道自己那麽差,這個四星級的密室,一開始我們的手要被手銬被銬起,然後眼睛還有被蒙著的帶到密室去,手機一切包包都放在儲存箱子内。 到了密室,眼睛上綳帶被掙脫,我們開始尋找打開手銬的鑰匙,結果答案是找不到。 我們按了提示鐘,工作人員來講解,原來答案在墻壁的一堆亂七八糟的字内。 再來就是開啓第一道門,在這四方的密室内,中間有道監獄式的墻擋著,墻的左邊有一道門,需要再找到密碼打開這道門,這個是個字母的密碼鎖,答案就在地上的箱子内。 我們對著這對數字看了很久都沒有答案,所以我們又按了提示鐘。。。出了第一道門,來到第二道門,第二道門的鑰匙在一個箱子内,我們需要找到方法打開這個箱子,才可以找到鑰匙打開這道門。。。不用多説我們又失敗了,真是失敗得透頂,而且時間已到。。。打開箱子的密碼在墻壁上,然後箱子里裝置的密碼鑰匙也是另外一種解答才可以打開最後一道門。。。 算了,算是玩過一下的體驗吧! 最後的安慰獎應該是這張立體照片吧! 呵呵!

Official Website: http://www.escaperoom.com
Tel: +603-7732 9198
Address: eCurve Shopping mall, 2nd Floor, Lot 2-01(ii), Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya Selangor 47810 Malaysia. (the one I went has closed, so this is another option)

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