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Thursday, March 31, 2016

【Gift|禮物】Cup Coaster|杯墊

March 31, 2016, Thursday
Morning routine for me is browse through my social media, Instagram, Facebook and Dayre... (Very typical social media generation kid ya?! But don't worry, my last thing before I go to bed task is not checking the social media, reading! Reading is always and also watch Doraemon is my lasting to do, hehe!) Then I saw this from SockPeng Dayre. She said she will make a giveaway in her blog so she told me that I can keep track on it, in order to win it.

Yea, they early bird always got what they want. I was the first one to comment then I LINE Kiko, because I know she may want it too. On the 25 of March, she already got hers, but mine wasn't here like few days later. Until 31, my admin lady only passed it to me, I guess is because of my building renovation thing, moving the mailbox around, so it got stuck somewhere. But anywhere thankfully it still manage to reach on my hand.

 Cafe Waiting Love was a story written by Giddens Ko. Originally from story book. The cafe came across definitely is because of the movie. [Side story: When I went to Taiwan in 2014, I was looking for this cafe, but the one I went wasn't the one that I was expected, the one I went was just the other branch and not the original one. Unfortunately the actual was on the other side, thinking that I may visit it the others day, but on the following days, I was already forgot about it.]

I got few surprise gifts from her, but always it doesn't come with just one thing. She would have another little gift such as this in the envelope, how thoughtful was it.



  1. Eh, how come I miss this post and only reading it now. Must be nice to receive it after waiting for it for a while. Good that your office allows personal item to be sent there. Some offices do not allow staff personal items to be sent to office. You can draw very well. The coaster you drew in your notebook is exactly the same as the coaster. Good also that you are committed and put aside time to write and draw in your notebook.

    1. Hahaha, I purposely make it not so obvious, so people won't have to see it, hehe!


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