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Saturday, March 26, 2016

【Friends|朋友】First Met|初次見面

March 26, 2016, Saturday
Only have two posts left for my Singapore one day trip, so might just finish it fast. After meet up with Sharon, I went back to Pei's house, ready for the baby shower dinner.
略過照片,發現新加坡的衹剩兩篇,所以就儘快寫完它吧! (不然這又不知道要待到何年何月了,很有可能到了他一歲都還沒寫吧!) 經過了和Sharon的見面結束,我就再次回到佩家準備參加她兒子的滿月酒了。

Don't know why he was sleeping all the time, only awake for a minutes then went back to sleep, didn't really get to see him with eyes open. But he still looks very cute.
不知爲何我在的時候他總是呼呼的大睡,都沒有即刻看到他開眼睛。 但是還是不得不説他呼呼大睡的樣子還是很可愛啦。 吃過晚餐,我就趕緊往機場的方向出發了,這麽短短的時間,真的感覺不到自己是到另一個國家的樣子。

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  1. 他才满月而已咧,又不是满一岁,baby要过几个月才比较没那么爱睡的. :P

    1. 哈哈哈,沒有啦! 是因爲我大老遠跑去看他,他竟然一直睡覺

  2. What a cute baby! RG is right, very young babies tend to sleep most of the time.

    1. Yea, but I expect to see more, as I in purpose fly there to see him, hehe!


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