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Saturday, March 26, 2016

【Airbus|空中巴士】AirAsia A320-200|亞航 A320-200

March 26, 2016, Saturday
After dinner I left directly to the airport, I was worried that I have not enough money in EZ Link card. But Pei's husband said it won't be too expensive, would be roughly $2.50 something. Gratefully it only change me $2.50 and he's absolutely right.
滿月酒後,我就獨自再搭火車回到機場(可以一直出現在機場,真是開心)臨走前我還一直擔心我的車值卡會不夠,因為我搭過其他地方,到機場的火車票都是蠻貴的。 佩的丈夫說不會很貴,大概是2.50新幣罷了。 就以碰碰運氣的狀態下,過了關卡,還好真的是2.50新幣,嘻嘻!

T1 is the departure terminal, follow the sign seems like I've back to where I landed in the morning. Then typical check in aircraft picture before depart, this always a MUST picture for me to take before boarding, maybe I'm addicted to collect different airline in advanced for collection, hehe!
起飛的客運大樓也是第一客運大樓,跟早上的一樣,感覺好像回到原點般。 這是臨走前的照片,這飛機照片已成了我必拍的照片,不為其他,只為了我自己愛好的記錄。

Seat 8A looks like the perfect seat for me to take clear picture of the ground (even is not so good image quality here, but all have already well printed in my memories with my naked eyes) I'm so guess I should record down what's the best position for me, not like my Netherlands trip, I just see the wing only, hmmm......
記得上次飛機展的時候,回程我都累到還沒起飛就睡著了,這次我說怎麼都要忍耐到拍完了照片才睡著。 我的位子是8A,這位子看起來不錯,可以清楚的看到地面。 雖然我相機沒有很好素質,因為我是用手機拍的,但實際的畫面都已經烙印在我的腦海裡了。

By the way, what's this?? Hard to guess right, if I don't mentioned it. It was seats beside me, I've took quite a few flights these few years, it was so difficult for me to have a chances that there's no one sit beside me, once in a chance thus I must mark it down for record in the future.

回到飛機內,忍不住興奮的拍下了隔壁座位的照片,因為我自己搭飛機了那麼多次,還是千載難逢的遇到隔壁是沒有乘客的。 這是我每在訂機票前的期待,誰知道每次隔壁不是坐美女就是女的。。。想要來個豔遇都不可以,啥?

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  1. Next round, if you come Singapore again, don't forget to contact me, hehe...

  2. Oh, you collect boarding passes ya.. next blog, maybe can blog about all your boarding passes, haha..

  3. 今天什么也不说,只为你祈祷,祝福你,但愿下回你再坐飞机时隔壁座位来个单身帅哥,而且是个好好先生!

  4. To be honest, I really envy at you... Hehe. Because I see you fly very frequently.. Good la, go enjoy and explore the world when you still can!

  5. It is really nice when the seats next to you are vacant. More relaxing and easier to go to the bathroom.


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