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Saturday, March 12, 2016

【Gift|禮物】Petronas Syntium CoolTech Tumbler|國油CoolTech水壺

March 12, 2016, Saturday
That's one day I saw MeiLing own this water tumbler, I asked where she got it, she said her boyfriend got it from Petronas of course, is a free gift.
那天看到美玲有用這個水壺,看起來外觀真的很不錯。 追問一下才知道這是她男友在國油那邊得到的贈品,她說他有兩個,我問她可以給我一個嗎?

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I asked whether she could get me one or not? She said can and actually they've two at home, so here's it. After seeing the Hot Air Balloon show, I sent her home then she gave me this.
就在這天,我們看完了熱氣球,我載送她回家(因爲這個她本來不要去的活動,因爲說我去她家載她,她才答應陪我去的) 她說把車停靠近她的車,然後她就上車拿了這個給我。

The outlook was quite attractive, first is in black color and a cotton strengthening cover outside, so doesn't matter is cold or hot liquid inside, it won't bother for carrying it.
其實我喜歡這個不是沒有原因的,不光衹是它的外表黑黑的讓我很喜歡(我除了很喜歡白色就很喜歡黑色,自以爲的覺得很酷) 而它這個水壺“外套”仿佛是做來方便使用人士握住的。 因爲放進去的水壺,在這個“外套”的隔離下,是感覺不到裏面的溫度的,所以簡單來説假設裏面要放冷飲或熱飲也不是問題哦!

The straw was like this, being kept inside to avoid from dripping. Just pull it out as easy as you see for drinking. (Personally have been using it for quite awhile, but that bent inside thing doesn't really block the water from dripping, so the better way is not to let it lead down)
這個是可以彎曲的開關飲口,彎曲下去是鎖上,拉開來就可以飲用了。 但我必須誠實的說它這個設計沒有很好,因爲它即使關上也會漏水,所以最好就是不要讓它躺著或傾斜著。

If you wonder how's the inside look like, it looks like this, with straw in the middle, and the straw is removable from the cap, so it's very easy for cleaning.
裏面就大概是這樣,吸管可以隨意拔下清洗再套上,簡單又方便。 我在上健身房的時候帶上,它的大小剛好于跑步機上放飲料的洞口位置巧好,可説是非常方便。

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