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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

【Driving|駕駛】Forklift Training|叉車訓練

April 5, 2017, Wednesday
本來以為我這個“駕駛”的標籤只是用於駕駛汽車而已,當學完了駕車,拿到了駕照後,我就不會用這個標簽了。 沒想到我會再有機會用上這個標簽,這一次學習駕駛的不是汽車,而是叉車。

因為工作關係,所以這天我和幾位同事來到這裡學習駕駛這個叉車。 平時“forklift, forklift”叫多了,反而這個翻譯的名稱讓我有點奇怪但不陌生,因為有一次在中國工作的時候,就已經聽過這個名稱。 上課的前半段還算蠻悠閒的,先是普通的叉車種類和條規的介紹,然後老師分享了幾部短片,都是關於在工作時候所有可能發生的意外。 我看了第一部後,就一直頻頻閉上眼睛,因為我看到圖案或影片的東西,印象都會比較深刻的,所以為了避免那些恐怖的畫面在我腦海中無限播放,所以我不敢看。 噁心的視頻就看完了,老師給我們考試,還好考試都是開書,剛剛上課我們都沒有做什麼記錄,慶幸還有書本可以對照。 考完試後就到樓下去開始練習駕駛,老師詳細的講解整架車的構造和操作模式後,我們才一位一位嘗試駕駛,左手抓方向盤,右手必須放在移動槓擋上,以便訓練自己邊駕駛邊操控。 美中不足的是操控槓是被鎖上的,然後老師說他們昨天有已經準備好的工具,在晚上時候被偷了,所以我們只剩嘗試駕駛的經驗罷了。 對我來說其實還好,看似簡單的東西,其實還是要萬事小心!
English: Due to part of training of my job, my colleagues and I had this opportunity of learning how to drive a forklift. Never in my life that I would think of driving a forklift, it was such a great experience, but just too bad that we didn't get to fully occupy the machine as it was already locked when it came, and the instructor said they did prepare some palettes yesterday but they all gone in the morning =.=!! The training was slightly same as training for driving a car, we were put into theoretical course in the morning and practical in the late afternoon.


  1. 哇,你太厲害了!居然連叉車都開!

  2. Wah so shiok! I also want to drive forklift to carry my wife go ronda-ronda.


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