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Friday, April 14, 2017


April 14, 2017, Friday

只是沒想到自己也是一樣,但我和他不同的是我自己不夠好,所以要更加努力而導致體力消耗。 每個週末都是休息的時候,但是近來的週末都有事做,不然就是沒有假期,即時有假期卻碰上我出差,所以即時假期也不是假期。 4月7日搭上飛機陪我朋友去香港,未料到整趟旅行我都在一半工作一半旅行,所謂的工作,不像是大家想像的晚上回去酒店reply一下下email而已,而是直接聯繫上我的手機,所以我是一隻手拿著電話工作,然後再另一隻手幫我朋友拍照。 晚上回去還真的要回email和寫手帳和寫部落格。 缺少休息又缺少喝水的狀態下,終於生病了。 回來後以為好了,結果變本加厲的去到診所,醫生還一直再三的問我週六有工作嗎,因為她要我放假。 其實期初去看醫生的時候,我還擔心醫生會不會不要給我醫生紙,不讓我請假啊? 因為我以前有試過,護士一直以為我要裝病,一直刁難的不給我醫生紙,怎知現在反過來,醫生一直叫我拿假休息休息。。。
English: Don't know whether you have ever encounter the doctor or the nurse refuses to give you leave approval letter? I had encountered once last time, the nurse was kept pretending she didn't hear that, avoid to gimme leave approval latter, but that time I was really need a rest. Surprisingly this time! I don't even need to ask for it, the doctor was the one kept asking "Are you working on Saturday?" Pretty obvious that she wants me to have two days leaves for rest! =D

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