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Monday, April 24, 2017

【Book|書籍】The Diary of A Young Girl|《安妮日記》

April 24, 2017, Monday
一本被翻譯成多國語言的日記,到底裡面寫的是什麼故事? 這本是我大姐在書展的時候替我購買的,當時書展的價格是RM15.90,普通價格是RM22。 我當時是有點衝著因為折扣很多的關係而讓大姐幫我購入這本書的。

當時看到的簡介是這本記錄了納粹在佔領荷蘭時期,一名成長中少女如何面對戰爭和種族迫害等情感和經歷。 確實是有點好奇,一位少女的日記,會和戰爭扯上什麼關係? 讀了後才發現,這本日記非常清楚記載著當時被迫害的經過,不斷聽到戰機飛過的聲音,炸彈爆炸的聲音,因為希特拉種族歧視非常嚴重的關係,就連猶太人出入的時間都被限制。

✈ 3   Page 17
為了避開被抓去關的危機,安妮與家人漏夜搬離到一個隱藏的閣樓,樓下是辦公室,所以他們必須在上班的時候保持安靜,就連上廁所的次數也要減少,因為擔心沖水的時候,聲音會被聽到。 一位14的小女孩,正是情花初開的時候,她把周圍的環境和情感都寫進自己的日記本裡。 雖然才年紀輕輕的她,但是裡面的文筆一點都比大作家遜色。

✈ 4   Page 235
故事並沒有結尾,因為她沒有想到的是她與家人最後被人告發了。 日記本在戰爭後在小屋內被發現,再廣泛的傳播開來,沒人知道安妮最後的人生是怎樣,相信她自己也沒有想到當天的一份生日禮物的開啟,而成為了偉大的作品。
English: A dairy of a young girl, my eldest sister got me this book from the book fest. It's a true story of a girl which was originally written in dutch, story about she and her family's life when they were hiding at a  hidden place for two years. There's no ending of her diary as they were arrested and this diary was found after the war and gave to her father.

Author|作者: 德文:弗兰克
Publish Date|出版日期:2015/10/23

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  1. I used to love to read these memoirs from famous people who fled China or other countries. Their life was like a fairytale and then hell broke loose where they had to flee. These stories often haunted my mind for years after reading to remind myself that nothing is permanent in life.


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