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Saturday, September 14, 2013

【TaiPo|大埔】Man Mo Temple Garden|文武廟花園

September 14, 2013, Saturday


在沿途走去鐵路博物館的時候,經過這間廟,所以就走進去拜拜一下。 在香港好像轉個彎就看到廟宇,而我每次都會停下來進去拜拜一下,想說這些是禮貌嘛! 都經過了,來到了,當然是進去拜拜啊!

不知道神廟可不可以拍照,但是我每次都選擇不拍照,我都只是拍拍外觀就好。 在廟宇的外面一旁有個這樣的平面圖,可以讓你知道這廟宇的大小。
English: Continued with my last post, I was walking from the bus stop towards the railway museum. After a long walk, finally see the sign board, thinking I should be not far from the museum. Still on the way walking to the museum, I saw this temple, is very easy to spot a temple in Hong Kong, I always will enter the temple awhile to do a simple pray. 

Man Mo Temple Garden, Fu Shin St, Tai Po, Hong Kong|文武廟花園,大埔富善街
MTR Limited: 1) 大埔墟 - [ 東鐵線 ] 由大埔火車站A出口出發,沿指示步行約25分鐘。 2) 太和 - [ 東鐵線 ] 由太和火車站出發,沿指示步行約10分鐘。

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  1. I am just like you. I must find temples to pray whenever i went overseas so that my trip would be safe & happy.


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