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Friday, September 13, 2013

【Malaysia|马来西亚】KLIA Ekspres|吉隆坡机场极速列车

September 13, 2013, Friday
To travel alone, the first thing need to be make sure is the transportation to the airport!!! (cause if I was traveling with my family...the only thing I need to concern is get ready before the taxi arrived!!!)

Even though my flight is at 9am, but I always like to make it early,
don't like to be late for any of my flight, is good to be early than late!!!

I called the taxi to KL Sentral from my house instead of to the airport, because taxi to airport is around Rm100, taxi + KLIA Ekspres to airport is around Rm50!!! But this is just good to apply on single traveler for more than one traveler, took the taxi to airport is much more worth it!!!




德士很准时就到我家门口,但是我没有选择直接乘坐德士去机场而是去KL Sentral搭火车!!!


Not kidding, I was damn early, look!!! is still dark outside!!! 


Just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the ticket!!! =[

But it's okay, if you buy the ticket from this counter, for sure that you'll get exact same ticket of what I got, it shouldn't be wrong!!!
One way ticket is Rm35, two way is Rm70!!!

For those who has Touch n Go card, you can use the card here, but just to make sure you have enough credit for your trip, even though you don't have enough credit, you still can touch up there, so don't worry!!!

刚刚才发现原来我没有拍到那火车票的照片!!!   =[

不过没关系啦,只要去到这个售票处买一定是对的,不会买错的!!!   一趟Rm35,来回Rm70!!!

假如你有Touch n Go卡,这个也可以用Touch n Go卡通过,但是一趟是Rm35,要确定足够哦,假设不足那边是有得加钱的!!!

Like the normal train station, there're couples auto machines beside the counter, but since not many people were on line, I just got my ticket from the counter!!!

那边还有这个自助服务,不过我懒惰啦!!!   见售票处没有几个人,排一排也不会很久!!!

Like the way you take KTM or LRT go through the gate, don't afraid of you might get lost or not, cause there's guard in front of the gate to help and give the clear directions!!!


If you buy the two way, please keep it for the way back trip, touch it for the first way, while the trip back remember to put in the ticket back to the machine!!! (No joking, I've a friend who has never take a train before, she was standing there to wait for ticket to return back from the machine!!! =.=!!!)

就好像Touch n Go卡这样,“Touch”一下就可以!

但是假如买来回车票的,记得回来那一趟是要像单程票插回进去,所以那张车票卡要好好保管!!!(话说我曾经有遇过不会搭地铁的人,回程的时候,她傻傻站在那边等票再弹回出来!!!   =.=!!!)

I was wanted to take of the railway platform, but the train is very fast, once I get into there, the train just arrived!!! Can imagine if the KTM with this fast, there won't be so many cars on the road!!!


If your flight is Malaysian Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airlines, you can check-in your luggage and collect your boarding pass at the KL Sentral's KLIA Eskpres area, but have to check-in at least two hours before!!!

Since I just have a small roller luggage, so I took it along into the train, there's way more spaces to put your luggage!!! (Before it, I was thinking to get something like those really "backpacker bag"......but seems like those bags are way more bigger than me......so I got a roller luggage bag instead!!! Even though my trip is 11days, but I just brought around 5sets of clothes, cause I planned to wash it in my hostel!!! Travel is a way to relax and enjoy, so don't have to carry everything with you, if have to carry a lot along that isn't call "enjoy"...it's "troublesome" and tired yourself!!!)

其实假如是乘搭Malaysian Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airlines的,可以直接在KL Sentral的KLIA Eskpres处直接check-in你的行李,但是需要两个小时前哦!

反正人没有很多,是有充足位子让你放行李!!!(我本来是要买个大大的那些专属背包旅行的背包的。。。可是那些背包背起来。。。比我还要大,好像背着一块大石头在后面这样,所以我只是拿了一个小小个拖拉行李,虽说十一天,但是我只是带了五套的衣服,住处有得洗嘛!!!   一个人旅行就是要轻松自在,大包小包,待会又要拿上拿下,辛苦的是自己,所以记得旅行不需要把家里大大小小的东西都带在身边,有时候适当的取舍是很重要的!!!

There's someone sit in front of me, so I wasn't dare to take much pictures! It's so comfortable inside with the comfort couch, free wi-fi and some songs along (not only English songs but Chinese songs as well!!!) But not sure is my phone's problem...cause I can't access to the wi-fi...it never load, end-up I switch back to my own data,
surprisingly it load faster than the wi-fi!!!

Was about to take some pictures outside, but it's still dark outside,
so no point to take any picture, I believe the views should be very nice on the daytime!!! =]

Just 28minutes!!! I arrived at KLIA...how about driving??? Can take 28minutes to reach KLIA by driving??? (Not sure about it,
cause the last time I drove there, I rest in the midway so can't really sure about the durations of it by car!!!)

KLIA Ekspres official website: http://www.kliaekspres.com




KLIA的专属网站: http://www.kliaekspres.com


  1. 通往机场的火车班次很频密,大概5至10分钟一趟吧?真的很佩服你可以单独背包旅行,我可没这个胆,加上语言也是个障碍~~

    1. 还好啦,去到那边,全部人都是单身旅行的,呵呵!!! =]

  2. yeah, if you are travelling alone, for sure the KLIA Express would be the best choice.. but if you are travelling in a group, then splitting the cost of hiring a taxi is more cost effective..

  3. wow, you were really very very early!! so you arrived at the airport 3 hours before the departure time.. i usually will plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure time.. reach there too early also got nothing to do very boring lah~~

    1. Hahaha, it was okay, because I've my books and movies!!! =]

  4. 就好像弯弯米所说,我也没那胆量自己背包旅行。你的胆量及独立性格令人钦佩!!


    1. 这个地铁很舒服的,下次有机会可以试一试,它旁边有售票处,有人可以问,不用怕!!! =]

  5. well, if me i rather choose to take bus for RM8~RM10 per journey~
    Enhjoy your trip~ =D

    1. Well, sometimes is the time issue too, I think the train is much more convenient for me!!! =]

  6. Nice!!! Never tried, not bothered to go through the hassle. Lazy me!

    1. Hahaha, but I'm pretty sure I'll lazier than you, cause you can't imagine how lazy I'm!!! =]

  7. yeah i been in the KLIA express too. comfortable. Also there are supposed to have free wifi but that day i cant get any signal

    1. Same here, I was so surprise that my data is faster than the wifi!!! =]


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