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Saturday, November 21, 2020


November 7, 2020, Saturday

Before I start writing this post, I was concerning a lot and kept thinking that people might curious why I post everything, not literally everything, I just post the stuffs that I think is worth to keep and record in my blog. Back in few years times, bloggers post literarily everything on the blog is just a common thing, just that nowadays, we have varieties platforms and blogging might take a little longer time than the rest of the platforms, so many have stopped the habits gradually. Despite that to give up or to maintain always is a challenge for me, I enjoy writing and enjoy reading my old post, I like the feeling when I need something, oh ya, I've the information on my blog, but the thing I don't like is the moment of start writing as I tend to procrastinate most of the time, I only got the spontaneous feeling to write when the dark came by and nearly end of the month. OK! Enough craps, let get into the topic!
在還未開始寫這篇的時候,我一直在想。。。會不會有人會說我什麼都po,本應以前寫部落格時期,很多人都是做著同樣的東西,所以自己怎樣看都不會像個怪咖,但是由於逐漸越來越少人寫了。。。自己也好像是個稀有動物=.=!! 自己跟自己說話。。。其實也算是個記錄! 我覺得我是很享受寫部落格時候,最很愛是回味的時候,尤其是看回以前的自己,以前的照片,但是我最不喜歡就是開始寫的時候,每當擬定好這段時間就寫部落格,每次都會跑去做其他事,但看到天色昏暗,還有越來越靠近月尾,我就會硬著頭皮去開電腦。。。好了廢話不囉嗦,盡快進入主題吧!

I might not that picky on my daily household stuffs last time, only know that to buy a bedsheet, I just need to look into the types and the colours until I got into this tremendous troubles. Story started from the bedsheet that I always use. One day, I saw it teared off a little after wash, then it got worst after woke up the next day. Ok, since it was close to double 10 sales, I bought a same brand as my current bedsheet at Shopee. My sister helped me to wash it I received it, then she told me that she doesn't think this is a good quality one, I need to get something is 700TC and above then I was like, what? What is that? Then at night I was chatting with my friend and came from nowhere that I asked about the bedsheet, she said yea, if I want a good quality bedsheet, I need to get something at least 1000TC... 
話說我的床單因為已經應該都用上了七八年以上了,在那天清洗後,竟然有了個裂痕,第二天起床後就看到已經有很大的裂縫了。 要更換其他床單時候也才發現越來我其他有的床單都是那種比較便宜的,睡起來是很粗糙很熱的那種,我有嘗試了睡了幾天,結果最終就是半夜爬起來換回那個有裂縫的床單 >.< 好吧! 幸好是我那裂縫的床單,我沒有把它立即丟掉,因為當時我有擔心過我會不喜歡,所以就這樣,我用回舊的。 然後盡快在雙十的時候到Shopee買床單,本以為買回那個我以為很好睡的牌子,一定沒錯的,所以就去了官網,從官網又到回Shopee,好吧! 看來就只有在那裡有的賣。。。本以為要耍個天真,買個可愛的(這個) 還興致勃勃的等它的到來,來了後,還讓姊姊幫我洗,結果第二天姊姊回來說「我覺得你的這個床單一定會很不好睡」,她說一定要買700針以上的,什麼700針,不是都一樣的嗎? 然後當晚在跟朋友聊天的時候,剛好也講到這個,她說對呀,床單要買1000以上的。。。什麼有這樣的東西??

OK! Then I went back to the same shop and pick the highest TC, which is 860TC. Then wait for my delivery, but after two weeks, it still don't see anything came into my mail. I opened the Shopee app and check for my delivery and it was a disappointed, the seller did contact me about changing the colour of the bedsheet because the color that I pick was out of stock. But everything was too late, the seller already proceed to do the refund. Well, I just buy again then... 
所以就去回同樣一家,找到最高針的,這860的,應該沒錯了吧! 就這樣又再要等待床單的到來,結果兩個星期都過去了,都還沒到? 就趕快到Shopee app看個究竟,原來賣家有嘗試聯絡過我,說我要的顏色沒有了,可以換其他的顏色嗎? 但是我沒有留意到,等我看到的時候,她已經進入了退款的手續。 唉! 好吧,再買過,同樣的款式選另外一個顏色。。。

After few days, I received a call said that the colour that I choose also out of stock, only red colour left, ok...do I look like I have a choice? Then I told her I was fine with the colour. Few minutes later, my sister called me, she asked did you buy a bedsheet? Then I was like, how did you know? She said because the person called her and said the colour that I chose was out of stock then my sister gave her my contact number and ask her to contact me. What a strange thing here is since the day I started using Shopee, I have been using my own phone number as the contact number, how could it be my sister contact number? I even checked again my Shopee account information, indeed, it's my number, but how come? 
然後沒幾天我收到賣家的電話說我訂的顏色也沒有了,只剩紅色可以嗎? 可以啦! 可以啦! 在同一天,過一整子姊姊打電話問我你是不是買床單啊? 我說是啊,你怎麼知道的? 她說剛剛有人打電話問她說那個顏色沒有了,然後我姊姊就給了她我的手機號碼。。。離奇的是我在Shopee買了這麼多次,一直以來都是使用我自己的手機號碼,為什麼這個會是聯絡上我姊姊呢? 這我過後也有看回我Shopee帳號的手機號碼,確實也是我的,沒錯啊。。。那為什麼會聯繫上我姊姊,那真的很無法理解。

So after the chaotic, I've finally got the bedsheet, my sister said, it's so red, then I replied yea, it looks like for those prepare for married not for daily use =.=!!...Well, 860TC is still like so so for me. A lesson learned here is, to buy a bedsheet, not just the type and the colour, the TC is the one matters the most.
經過波折重重,我終於拿到我的床單了,而且還不是我要的顏色,我姊姊說這樣紅。。。我還搭嘴說是啦,好像結婚這樣。。。沒辦法嘛! 所以總結是原來買床單,除了款式和顏色之外,是還有其他事項需要注意的! 還有我現在已經在用著這個床單了,它是沒有我想像的滑順,不過至少比這個好很多,所以這個針數真的很重要。

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