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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

【BookFest|书展】BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 4 OwenYap Book Sharing & Signing Session|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第四天 叶剑锋新书分享及签名会

July 29, 2014, Tuesday

After I got this book on that day, I found that kinda weird, why he doesn't have any book sharing or signing session while I look through the official website's schedule...so I went over to his Facebook, he posts this announcement on his page! (Luckily I did notice about this like a day ago, if not guess I would definitely miss out this!)
那天买了书后,就在想怎么都没有签书会呢!   因为在大众书局的网站都没有写上,所以就好奇上他的面子书,无意间就看到有签书会嘢!   所以星期二就急匆匆,一定要去书展不可!!!(在想一想,假如不是那天晚上好奇一下,我也不会发现到这个!)

Now everything explain why I need to be there at 2pm to look for a good seat!

After been waiting for so long, he's finally here...found that he speaks quite fast, if wasn't paying any attentions, I might missed out something (but I guessed this's an immediate sharing show, which might explain as well why it wasn't print on the schedule) First he came across about he doesn't want to attend this book sharing session at first as for his personal thought, he's not some kind of superstar or writer, he's just a news presenter...until his friend asked him "then why you write this book for?" he said "Is for charity!" then his friend said "Yah, that's right, it's for charity wat!" So by now that was what had brought him here!
终于出来了,一出来的时候,他说话很快,不专心听,还真的会错过什么(不过我在猜想这签书分享会不会是临时举办的,所以才会那么赶啊?)   在台上他有说到他本来不想出席这签书分享会,因为他说他不是什么大明星作家,他只是一位主播!   他朋友就跟他说: “那你出书做什么用的呢?”   然后他说: “就为公益啊!”   他朋友说: “对呀,那就是为了公益啊!”   所以他现在就来了!   

As for this book, after deduct the product cost of it, the rest gonna donate to the "hope reading" plans! Wow~~~
他这书扣除成本后,盈余将悉数捐助“希望阅读”计划!   哇~~~

Thank god I didn't miss this sharing session, it's definitely worthy spend my time for it...the show began with process of how he works on this book...

There're lots of picture in this book, all the pictures were taken while he was traveling oversea with his family! He said before every depart he and his sister will looked for a local photographer in that country so as you can see at the back of the book, it shows pictures provide by different photographer from different countries! (This's picture of he and his brother helping their mom to comb her hair)
在书中的每一张照片都是他与他家人到不同地方旅行的时候拍的,他说每当在出发前他就会和他姐姐找个适当的当地摄影师所拍的,所以从书本的后续,可以看到很多来自不同国家的摄影师所提供的照片!   (图中是他与他弟弟在帮他妈妈梳头发)

He said he doesn't like to let his family picture being shows up the public a lot, so mostly what have upload in his FB and the book are his photos only!

He said when the producer was asking him to provide 365 pictures, for him it was too much at first, because every trips he just got the small resolution pictures back from the photographer as memory copy! But due to this book he got to call back to ask the photographer one by one for the high resolution pictures! Then at the end it turns out a lot, so which makes he came on changing the pictures but he glad the producer still well cooperate with him!
他说当出版社要他提供365张照片的时候,他还想这也太多了吧!   加上他每次去旅行所得回来的照片都是拿到象数比较小的照片做记念而已!   所以就为了出这书,他不惜打电话给回不同国家的当地摄影师询问还有他照片的档案吗,以得到照片更好的象数版! 结果最后就变到照片过多,导致他一直更换照片,不过他说还好出版社也很合作配合!

Another part was the meaning quote from different writers and celebrities that he has put in the book! He said all these he was copied by hand from books he had read and words he had heard because he said copy by hand would makes him memorize it better, so before it he didn't expect to write a book, so what he have was just the quote but no it's from who! At first he thought he can found it online...but no!!...He found nothing so in the end he spends a week in his store room where are full of books that he had read to find out which and which quotes were written by whom!
在来就是在书里面有提到不同作家或名人所出的有意思句子,他说他这些句子其实都是用手抄的,他每当看到哪本书,哪本书或是听到一些有意义的话,他都会用手抄记录下来,因为他说手抄才会印象深刻,才会记得!   但那时他都只抄句子,都没有写下出处,因为他当时只是要给自己做记录也没有想到会出书嘛!   一开始他以为可以上网去找,怎样说现在网上都可以找到很多资料嘛!   结果事实往往就是没有那么的简单,网上找不到,所以就要回归最原始去书堆里面找!   他说他家有个专放他过年来看过的书籍,所以他就利用了一个星期的时间去把每一个句子里面的出处给找出来!

What a cute picture, he said the moment he took this picture, the cow behind was like keep on starring at him, seems like it is afraid he might do something to the calf!

And since he wants to have a picture with the calf in the prairie, so he had to chasing around of the calf then finally he only managed to get this picture!

As this the calf gonna be fenced up was prohibited attack from wolf!

Then he said before this the cow was like few miles away from the fence, as it saw someone was inside so it run all the way back here to protect its "child"!

The funny thing is he said he always get click quite well with any animals so he wasn't that afraid at all, after taking picture then he returns the calf back to its "mother"!

Picture from his Facebook, as the side quote of this was "What I need is not what you want." (This was post on May 7th last year, any of you who understand should get what he means..)

This picture was posted last year during our sky were covering full of haze, he wrote "Good fences make good neighbors. But if only a fence can do that then how much "mutual respect" really exists?" (Cool, right?)

Picture on last year May 3rd, he wrote "Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving." (Understand or not, take it or leave it!)

He said he was trying to put the only family picture with a very small size in the book, but producer was kindly put it big back!

The moment he started to talk about this picture, he began to cry......

He said his mom keeps forgetting stuffs...he takes his mom out for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, and this book was in his car...every time his mom get into his car, she will open this book and point on this picture said "Is me!"......no matter how many times she sees the picture, she'll repeat the same thing again and again......

Don't know about any other audience felt, but for me it was so touching, I understand the situation...our mom's generation not like ours...nowadays we can print our pictures on a book, paper, postcard anytime we want...but for them, it was so new and excited to them!

Also he said sometimes the organizers asked him to be host on some events, but he rejected as he had promised his mom to take her out for dinner then the organizers replied: "Why you're so not dedicated to your job!"

So I want to ask...is there anything can compete with filial?


他也说很多时候举办单位请他去主持,他却推说:“不能,我答应妈妈要去一起吃晚餐!”   这样的举动就会被回说:“你怎么这么不敬业!”   


Okay!! Okay!! Time for signing session!

They're so many people, so we just can get autograph from him only! 

They've different colors bangle everyday, and that day was green!

Finally...came to the end...felt so amazing for myself, guess I've write out a very complete book sharing session for this without any notes, any recorders and any reference....

Event period: July 26 (Saturday) ~ August 3 (Sunday), 2014
Admission Fee: RM2.50 per entrance; RM10 for season pass
Official Website: http://www.bookfestmalaysia.com
Address: Hall 1 to 5 (Ground Floor), Grand Ballroom & Banquet Hall (Level) of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre KLCC

Day 1 [July 26, 2014, Saturday]
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 1 |马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第一天 欧阳林 新书分享及签书会
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 1 Stuffs I bought in Lifestyle Pavilion|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第一天 文娱馆所买

Day 4 [July 29, 2014, Tuesday]
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 4 Books I Bought|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第四天 我买的书
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 4 OwenYap Book Sharing & Signing Session|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第四天 叶剑锋新书分享及签名会

Day 5 [July 30, 2014, Wednesday]
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 5 LimSiawShan Signing Session|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第五天 林晓姗签书会

Day 6 [July 31, 2014, Thursday]
BookFest 2014 @ Malaysia: Day 6 Queen Book Sharing & Signing Session|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市: 第六天 女王的新书分享及签书会


  1. Wah, Owen Yap post wor.. He is very yau ying, but too bad I don't read Chinese, so can't buy his books, hehe..

  2. 你会记得因为你专心地在听啊 :D

  3. 错过了,真希望能在现场听到他的演讲!曾经在工作上有和他近距离接触和交谈过,喜欢他随和和喜欢和人分享的心 ^_^ (小小声的说我们还同桌吃饭聊天和拍照,那感觉超棒的,还有他真的很帅,哈哈!XD)

  4. wahhh got authograph....yippeee.. it is interesting to hear author experience leh

  5. 每次看他面书的分享真的很有意思。。蛮喜欢他的

  6. oh, you sure was very excited to see Owen Yap huh?? actually i find him good looking and very talented leh, hehe, and you got his autograph and he has written your name on the book, wah, very precious lor!!! now, i know your Chinese name already, errr, doesn't sound like your Malay name hor?? Malay name like got one "g" extra behind, hehe~~

  7. 天天都捧场喔!他好孝顺。不过看他好像不打算结婚。

  8. 他是每到一个地方旅行, 就请专业摄影师帮他及家人拍照吗?

  9. 我很喜歡他,可是新加坡的大眾都找不到他的作品!(悲)

  10. 我喜欢他,因为听朋友说过他很孝顺

  11. 他真的很帅!我有follow他的面书,很喜欢他那些超有意思的名句!而且他去过很多国家hor?

  12. 我有一个朋友超喜欢他,因为他跟我说他很帅。看来,真的很帅一下!哈哈哈!oooops,这不是重点我知道!xD

  13. 我买了RM10的入场套票,但是只去了两次而且没去到任何一场演讲/签书会,有点可惜。但那个星期实在太忙了我。>.<

  14. Glad to know that due to your initiative you managed to know owen yap's sharing session. Thumbs up to you!

  15. 谢谢小影的分享!很喜欢。现在还买不到书。。。

  16. 欣赏他的人生态度,谢谢小影的分享:)

  17. 签书会拉近读者之间的亲切互动,很棒,我们这里就很少有这样的机会咯!


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