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Saturday, July 19, 2014

【30 Hour Famine|饥饿30】 Kick Out Hunger | 踢走饥饿

I'm so busy to have long post recently, so just here to make a quick update of today, before I go to bed! I went to this 30 hours famine event today, I was so fun and joy!! The best part is we got to watch the artists rehearsal was just right infront of us! But it was kinda unfortunate to say, we got to take pictures of them at first, but later on we got prohibited by the staffs... Well! They said they're here to rehearsal so please no pictures of them...okay!!



  1. My friends are there. One of them as volunteer photographer. :)

  2. You are really busy lately! ;)
    This seems like a meaningful event!

  3. Yeah you told me you'd be bz so not many posts these days.. Go to sleep la, rest well, tomoro's Monday again :)

  4. Facebook keeps pop out picture from 30 Hours Famine today haha :)

  5. Thank you for this short post. Fair enough for no photos during practice.

  6. What happened to the Singapore Church that you posted all in Chinese? I left a comment for that but now the post is not before this.

  7. what u mean you went to that? You join the 30 hrs fast?


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