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Saturday, July 26, 2014

【Tripod|架子】Looq Remote Shutter|自拍棍

July 26, 2014, Saturday
I always want to get something like this, is easy for me to take selfie, but...but...but...after I've bought it for so long, I not dare take it out to use, because my sister...don't know what...(as that day I took it out want to use oohh....they said I very "baliah"....)
 一直想要买这个的我,终于买到啦!   这个牌子有两种,一种是专给iPhone使用的,而另一种是可以给Andriod和iPhone使用的,但Andriod机需要隔外下载它的apps,由于我觉得我不会再用其他牌子的手机了,所以就直接买iPhone的就好!

It can hold the phone with different position, I mean like some people clarify the front camera doesn't have very good megapixel to take a good picture, so they prefer the back one, like the even use it to hold the camera backward, you still can use the mirror to check whether you're in the shooting screen or not! 

Guess my words explanations always not so clear, so here are the image which basically tell the whole thing!

Opened box......

Testing!! Testing!! =]
 㗳,㗳,㗳!   有点害羞,希望你们没有被我的样子给吓到。。。

With the lomo mode!!! =]
lomo似的。。。还是那句。。。就是不美嘛。。。谁管啊!   所以要看美女的人,就请拜拜,自己离去,我不会挽留!!!~~~


  1. 这个好! 还可以拿来防身, 手里拿着一looq棍的 和手里没有棍的 坏人就会先找没棍的目标 XD

  2. 像高尔夫球杆,以后一人一杆在手,到处打高球姿势就不见怪了,哈

  3. Nice selfies! Selfie stick is the rage now. Everyone has one. Your sisters must be the old generation.

  4. I call it monopod wor, no? But now very hing la this kinda monopod for selfies especially taking large group wefies.. hehe..

    1. Yah, good mah, can take picture of ourself, no need to ask others, like if ask otters, not nice and doesn't really like it, is paiseh to ask them to take again, but with this can take as many times as we want!! =]

  5. Would be good for me. I hate selfies, close up...I look HUGE!!!!!

  6. 这款的monopod我还没有看过呢!!!


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