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Thursday, June 04, 2015


June 4, 2015, Thursday
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So many people write about dinosaur, so I write something different. A poor girl got infected a disease which she will gradually turns into zombie.

Zombie? The Walking Dead?? Yes, something similar to that where people also got infected and become zombie in the end. But this one they've only 27 days. After that they will completely turns into zombie and send to a camp off city. A father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who knew his daughter (Abigail Breslin) got infected, he was tried his best to protect his daughter until the last minute as he can. 

Maggie is his daughter name, the end of the movie doesn't really tell whether he kills his daughter or not, after his daughter has turned completely into a zombie......

一位爸爸(Arnold Schwarzenegger)听到自己女儿(Abigail Breslin)留给自己的留言,他去到了这个城市,用尽自己的能力来保护女儿到最后一刻,可惜故事没有结尾。最后女儿慢慢变成丧尸,走出屋子向枯萎的大草原走去。。。接着一声枪声。。。Maggie这个戏名就是取自于他女儿的名字。

Country: Switzerland, United States
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror 
Running Time: 95 minutes (1 hour 35 minutes)
Directed by: Henry Hobson

Maggie Vogel (Abigail Breslin) is calling her father; she's trapped in the city as a curfew is in effect. She urges him not to come looking for her, and she tells him she loves him. Although most of the globe is plagued by the Necroambulist virus, which turns people into zombies, the majority of society continues to function. Farmers burn their fields and crops to prevent further contamination. Maggie's father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) goes to search for his daughter. Maggie is taken by armed officials and placed in quarantine at the hospital with other infected people. She has a bite wound on her arm, and the infection is going to gradually spread throughout her body. Wade is allowed to take Maggie home to settle her affairs until the virus progresses to the point where she must be quarantined. On the trip back, they stop at a store for Maggie to get sunglasses. Wade encounters a zombie and breaks its neck.

Wade brings Maggie home to his wife/Maggie's stepmother Caroline (Joely Richardson) and her siblings Bobby and Molly (Aidan and Carsen Flowers). The children are sent to stay with their aunt until Maggie's issue is dealt with. She talks to Bobby, who more or less knows what's going to happen to her. Wade burns his field while Maggie stays in her room, trying to contact her friends and attempting to ignore her situation. One afternoon, she accidentally cuts her finger, which oozes black fluid. Fearing the worst, Maggie cuts off the finger and throws it in the garbage disposal. She retreats outside where she and Wade find a man named Nathan and his daughter Julia, both completely transformed by the infection. Wade kills Nathan with a hatchet, and Maggie runs away to Caroline before she sees what Wade does to Julia. Wade feels extreme remorse for what he had to do, though nobody blames him (The Sheriffs who respond to the call reinforce the idea that Wade is not at fault and that his actions were necessary), but they do remind him of what he'll have to do with Maggie when the time comes. Wade receives a visit on his front porch during the night from the wife/mother of the zombies, Bonnie, who regrets not leaving her husband and daughter locked up, but also did not trust having them quarantined, as the doctors treated Julia like a test subject and not a person.

Wade sees a doctor who gives him three options on what to do with Maggie. One, he can take her to quarantine immediately, which he refuses to do. Two, he can give her the "cocktail" injection given in quarantine, permitting her to die at home, although the doctor noted it would be extremely painful for her. The third option is to "make it quick". Wade decides to make the most of his last days with Maggie. They bond together, making fun of Caroline's cooking and talking about Maggie's biological mother.

Maggie's friend, Allie, visits and invites her to hang out with friends. They gather around a bonfire, along with a boy named Trent (Bryce Romero), who is also infected. He says he would blow his brains out if he needed to. Maggie spends some alone time with Trent, which culminates in a kiss. At the end of the night, Allie brings Maggie home, and Allie cries alone in her car. Maggie's eyes begin to lose color, and she claims to smell food when Caroline denies there being any sort of smell. She then goes to Trent's home to find his father holding a gun at Trent's bedroom door. The boy knows it's time for him to get quarantined, but he refuses to come out. Maggie tries talking to him as the authorities enter the house and forcibly take Trent away.

Maggie's condition deteriorates. She goes into the woods and encounters a small fox. She later runs back into her home with her face caked in blood. Maggie mentions the fox to her parents. Wade goes into the woods and finds the fox in pain, and he shoots it. Caroline urges Wade to call the authorities in to take Maggie away. A couple of officers do show up later, but Wade fights one of them. Maggie comes in and assures them that she is fine so that they won't take her away. Wade takes Maggie to a garden that belonged to her mother where she planted white daisies. It is the last thing that Wade can show her to make her feel some sort of peace. He tells her that she is not going anywhere.

Maggie is almost completely zombified. Wade sits in the living room with his shotgun, not ready to use it. Maggie walks downstairs, her skin grey and her eyes blackened. She sees her father "sleeping", holding the gun. She goes to him and kisses his forehead a last time. She then goes to the roof of the house and thinks about her mother. Maggie jumps off the roof, and the last thing she appears to see is herself as a child frolicking through the flowers with her mother.

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  1. Replies
    1. This's still okay for me, maybe I've watched enough Walking Dead already, hahaha!!

  2. 听过这部戏,还没有看,不是恐怖丧尸片,关于亲情吧!倒想看那个大只佬演平凡的爸爸怎么样?

    1. 情感戏比较多,爸爸对女儿的不离不弃的亲情。

  3. didn't watch this movie but I think Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to change with this movie, no more a tough hero but a loving father..

    many people wrote about dinosaurs ke?? hehe, I watched that two weeks ago also, okay woh.. and just now watched Minions already, hehehe, as expected I like it lah.. then later in the evening going to watch Ted 2, kikikikiki!! one shot two movies a day ;p

    1. So good, I haven't watch Ted 2, I'm more like waiting for Terminator 3, hehe!


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