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Monday, June 15, 2015

【Gundam|高達】Gundam Docks @ Singapore|新加坡高達展

June 15, 2015, Monday
Yes, I went to Singapore for WORK (PS: not for traveling please, I know some will say "look at the currency now! I would rather choose other places...")

Saw somebody post about this in Facebook like weeks before. So I went to check out this place after work. I know....now you may start came into mind "I must be very addicted to Gundam!" NOPE, I'm not addicted to it, I just like to see robots only...And you know what, the shocking part is......I haven't watch any of their episode!! To this all of my friends gimme a very speechless face =.=!!! What?? Don't you think they're so cool???
再面子书看到这个的时候,我就说我要去看这个。。。几位还以为我真的为了这个去新加坡,其实我是工作后才过去看的。而且很稀奇的是。。。其实我是从来没有看过任何Gundam的漫画还是戏剧,所以当旁人听到的时候,都有点目瞪口呆的感觉。。。我之所以会去看Gundam是因为我很喜欢机器人,难道你不觉得机器都很酷吗? 简直是帅呆了。。。帅到我都无字能够形容就是了。

I thin I just like anything is ironic and robotic (this could be one of the reason why I like plane so much.....and cars.......ironman!! O.O)
看都没有看过,竟然会对他们产生兴趣? 其实我也不知道为什么,我就是那种一看到机器,就有一种莫名的兴奋(就好像我去旅行,重点不在目的地,而是在意搭什么飞机)

Beside those two 6ft tall 1:3 model, there're 10 Gundam models placed 5 in each row with holding a different types of weapon each,  big gun and knife...personally I like the big gun more.

For this two, of course I like the white one more. and also the one always crowded and hard to take a picture without anybody inside. Sad to say the orange one seems like so lonely...barely see anyone taking picture with it.

They've night glow sound show at night...so is that means this floor will be glowing or what??? Someone please tell me after you've seen it...coz I couldn't make it to see the night show!

Fight between Earth Federation vs Principality of Zeon as the RX-78-2 Gundam
Two of them are placing like this, super cool, right?? Get those name from their official website. Like seriously I bet they're quite famous, but I don't know what's their name before this.

There're more to see at the Ngee Ann City basement...

One on the stage

This looks like a bit batman feel to me due to its black color. And it's SOLD  OUT....reminds me of Louis Koo who really has a mini garage to keep all the ironman collections...and mostly 1:1 size! O.O
这个有点像蝙蝠侠的感觉,因为他全黑色。 然后再当我看到那“sold out”的字,不知道为什么这让我想到古天乐,因为他有一个迷你机器人仓库,里面还有很多一比一的Ironman(哇,眼睛都亮了!)

Of course can't miss out the small one...and I was taking pictures each of them (what can I say, they're too cool! =])

HG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver. SG50

This is my favorite among all, the sword, shield and the wings......
假如说最喜欢的,当然是这个啦。 我虽然没有看Gundam,不过一直以来,我都以为只是机器人和男生的角色,这四个女生的,未免也太酷了吧!

How about the price? $75.......Umm, don't convert, I think the price is okay, right?? Just kidding, I just like to see but not interested buy (Must know how to control, okay???) 
我简直有一股冲动很想买回家,不过75块新币。。。(也许马币的话,我会多加考虑,哈哈哈! 开玩笑的啦。。。)他们每天都有特定几样是有折扣的(有点好像书展,不过他们扣了的价钱,真的很值得买,因为价钱很便宜。。。但前提是我必须要赚的是新币而不是马币,哈哈哈。。。)

$75 is expensive, then how about this??? Was thinking to get this...but I still have lots plane models haven't build at home...so maybe next time, hehe!! Beside this, they do have daily promotion, those almost $50 model, you may get them around $30, pretty attractive ya!!
全场最便宜的,而且又是一整只的,算是蛮划算。 因为其它的相同价钱只是有武器罢了! 我真的考虑很久要不要买一个回家,但我想到我家还有很多飞机模型都还没装置好,假如真的把这个买回家。。。可能他变成古董了,我都还没有有时间去动他啊!

Event Periods: June 4 (Thursday) ~ June 28 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 10am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Official Website: http://gundamdocks.sg/
Address: Ngee Ann City Singapore.

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  1. My colleague also giler gundam, he bought that yellow BearMan and put on top of his pc, and he admires that silly bear everyday.. Sorry, not a fan of gundam, but I think they are canggih la.. Fuiyoh...

    1. My second brother in law also the same, he has few very expensive collections....+.+

  2. Dunno what gundam is but the ones in the first pic look like the troopers in Star Wars.

    1. Hahaha, kind of like that, but this is Japan version.

  3. oh you went to SG, I guess that was when you met up with your friend who designed the new logo for your blog..

    hehe.. good lah, you went on a business trip then at least "wallet not so hurt" since many expenses are paid by your company.. I guess if not because of business, I also won't go SG lah, it's such an expensive place to go leh.. think of the 2.8 also cold sweat already..

    I'm also not gundam fans but if there is a free exhibition there I don't mind go and see lah.. the huge robots are indeed very impressive woh.. I like 7, 13, 15, 16 and 19.. :)

    1. Yup, so many back travelogue, so which one should I write first ya???

      Actually thanks to them, coz I didn't spend much, coz they bought me dinner for these two nights.

      I see how you like the numbering, it's easy for you to comment ya!

  4. 我也觉得它们好酷哦, 尤其是全黑的那只

  5. wow, that's awesome. I saw one in Japan too.

  6. I used to like to eat Gandum since I was a small boy. Now there is a Gundam pula. Wakakaka
    I love these robots but my wife is more crazy over them! I should tell her to visit her Gundams as she might be going there for work too!
    They are so clever to put the special floor prints with glowing effects at night. I would get excited.
    I think many people have taken thousands of photos earlier until you saw no one there.
    That red robot is so huge and tall. I love him!

    1. Yah, but mostly people won't post them all, hahaha! (not everyone like me so crazy ya)

      Your wife like them crazily, so she should be able to name them one by one lo??

  7. you were there ya. A friend went there too and she took loads of nice photos

    1. Really?? I've one more post coming up for the Gundam...

  8. 完全可以了解你那种兴奋的心情。人对于自己喜欢的事物都会有种说不出的激动。

    1. 对,是那种神经的感觉,但旁人会觉得我是傻的。

  9. Too bad, i hate robot, haha....anyway, very nice photo!!! ^_^

  10. Wah, so nice get to travel to Singapore to work and in time to watch this gundam exhibition.

    1. This's after work activity, I truly went that for work! =]


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