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Thursday, October 22, 2015

【Phone|手機】The New Emoji|新鮮表情符號

October 22, 2015, Thursday
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Ha! The most happy thing today is when I saw this, I'm not a very emoji person, but I do found this very cute, especially the thinker one. As I always wondered why What's App don't have those cute cute emoji like LINE or WeChat. So these are really bring What's App alive.
今天最興奮的,莫過於是在這裡看到有新的表情符號更新,我還是真的有點迫不及待的要它快點下載完。 每次在What's App裡面,我總是很好奇為什麼沒有其他沒有好像LINE又好像WeChat一樣有很多可愛的圖案符號。雖然新加的表情符號沒有很多,不過也夠新鮮了。

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Come to the weather part, comet, sun and clouds. Last time I always use the umbrella emoji as raining sign, but now I can use the cloud and rain emoji to symbolize as rain, how amazing!! Last but not least, is the fog emoji...but for me, it symbolizes as "haze" here!!
最近灰濛濛的天空,這個霧的符號,管他是不是代表著“霧”我就覺得它是代表著現在的“煙霧”!! 還有以前的下雨天符號,我都是用雨傘的符號,而現在可以真的用雲和雨點的符號啦!

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Badminton!! I hardly play badminton nowadays, but still glad to see it on the list. As also mean this game is getting more and more common. The unicorn!! But why don't have fairy, hehe!! Expect too much duh!
另外還添加了不同的球類運動的符號,像是羽毛球,這個真的很新鮮,那麼我們以後看羽球比賽的時候,是不是也可以用這個啊? 還有那個獨角獸的,只是在神話世界出現的動物,我好奇為什麼沒有天使啊? 反正都是差不多歸類在一起的嘛!

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Shopping bag? Is that for shopaholic?? Hahaha!! But what's the most interesting part here is the takeoff and landing emoji!! Wow, that's a very big surprise, it was the one that I used to spam my friends chatroom, told them to update to the newest iOS 9.1 that has now been released yesterday (PS: Sorry for those non iPhone user ya!!)
說到最後到底是要如何在你手機上看到這麼符號呢?只要將你手機的軟件更新到iOS 9.1就可以了,這個昨天(21號)才推出哦! 放心我這個不是過期文,而且滿算是新鮮滾熱辣的,可惜的是這只限於蘋果用戶。

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  1. You write like that means the new emojis are only for iPhone users? Emojis are very useful for replying message very fast and to get the point across.

    1. Yah, I think it comes with the new iOS, hopefully they can make it to support android as well

  2. Too many, also headache. Have to browse and choose a good one... :(

  3. yeah, actually I also think that a lot of emoji that should be there were/are missing.. just got my OS updated ytday but still haven't go and find out what are the new ones, haha!! but even go and find also may not know which ones are new, cos really too many already.. thanks for sharing this info!! really helped.. :)

    1. Hahaha! You would love it for sure, because they're indeed super cute

  4. Sorry? I using Android phone ah... all those new emojis that you mentioned, they are in my Whatsapp ah.. And probably quite long already, since I never do any updates since months ago...

    1. You should, it will makes your phone run faster as well

  5. Emoji plays an important role in our daily life now, haha!

  6. 是啊,有時候這些表情符號更能確切的表達我們的心情和想法!!

    1. 是嗎?我還以為你比較喜歡文字,嘻嘻!

  7. I don't always use emoji, only when I wish people happy birthday.. And also the like & ok sign I use a lot, that's all..

  8. 但有時過多的emoji讓人討厭
    尤其有人應酬你的時候 哈哈


    1. 哈哈哈,通常這種玩玩的都是會發給比較好的朋友罷了

  9. 我也刚刚update了。手机的Emoji看起来更可爱了。但是如果不是apple用户,我想他们看到的emoji应该跟我们看的不一样吧!!!~

  10. 有了這些小幫手,方便了很多,也增添了一些樂趣。


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