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Thursday, October 29, 2015

【McD|麥當當】The McD McCafe and Cold Cup|麥儅儅之咖啡與凍飲

October 29, 2015, Thursday
Woke up early on this day, because I'm go to Citta Mall early to buy the McD set, wasn't so sure that I would be able to get it or not, but I still give a try. I got there around 6.45 am, rushing into the McD restaurant hoping they still have in stock, because this is the 24 hours McD, so it might be sold out during the midnight.

Thankfully I got the last set. Yea, the staff told me it was the last set left, as two guys in front of me, they'll getting it also. The one very front looks like twentyish, that is acceptable...but the uncle queue in front of me is about fifty or sixtyish...I was like seriously?? But after I post it in FB, my friends comment that the uncle might be bought it for his kids...(=.=!! What a lovely dad, can't imagine that if I asked my dad to do so......guess my sisters will kill me death into hell......)

Yup, got my set and the morning breakfast set, I was back into my car, then I saw a mother and daughter like primary school age were rushing to the McD direction. Oppsss, better don't see it and I left quickly.

So what to do next is call MeiLing as even though I knew she still sleeping. But who cares....I called until she answered to let her know she has to wake up now and go queuing at the those at the mall.

Oh ya, she truly did that (that's how it should work) she said she arrived at Selayang Mall about 8 am and was about 50 plus people were there queuing... that's ridiculously crazy...... I was worried that she won't be able to get it.

About 11 plus am, she told that she has already got it (gratefully) She complains that lots of people were cutting queue, especially this group of teenage girls that bought already then queue again behind their friends and buy another set. And the worst part is she said they even like cheering "yeah, yeah, yeah!!" in front of her, when by the time she hasn't got it yet. (Wahahahaha~~~~~ I could imagine that)










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  1. haha.. I won't go try my luck at outlets that are open 24 hours because people were already lining up the night before.. will only go to those that open at 7am for breakfast, then at least if I reach there around 9 then still got chance.. :)

    1. Hahaha, must go to those ulu places one, don't go to those famous or visible along the big road one.

  2. 貌似麦当劳每次推出的玩具都会带起一番抢购的厮杀啊

    1. 還好我只是喜歡這個,不過以後他有飛機的,我一定是第一個去排隊的。

  3. OMG! You guys are very determined to wake up so early for these items. I guess nothing else can make you wake up at sunrise! Wakakaka
    Well, your effort has paid off and now you are a happy person.

    1. I hope all the effort can be paid off, but some times don't, just to have to be happy throughout the process.

  4. These collectibles are really hot items. Good to hear that you got them.

    1. Yea, thanks for that, now just hope that my friend will be very happy when she received them.


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