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Friday, October 30, 2015

【McD|麥當當】The McD Pie and McFLURRY|麥儅儅之蘋果派與冰炫風

October 30, 2015, Friday
So......from the last post, I mentioned that I didn't get the one in second week. But very fortunately MeiLing got me one as she exchanged the extra one in Week 1 with her friend, and she specified that she has been begging her friend for so long for it...(big thanks to this sweet friend ya!!)
神奇的兩個,本來以爲我就這樣的與它們無緣,相信是因爲冰炫風的關係,所以很多人都搶著,沒有的再説星期六才去買了,它們已經在銷售的一兩個小時后賣光光了。 帶著的失望,美玲跟我說她找到了,我還真的好奇她到底是怎麽做到的。 原來她找到不是要收藏的朋友,她用第一個星期的漢堡跟薯條與他交換,而且她還說明她是哀求了他很久,他才肯換給她的。

Thus I finally had all the collection, and now just wait for the time to come, the one on the next week, which could be one of the most challenging one as according to them, it's the limited edition, bet lots of people will start queuing for it since the day before.
終于收齊啦! 我是真的有一份莫名的滿足感! 很多人都會問,這要收集來干嘛? 我只能回答你,各人有各人喜好,你不明白並不代表你可以去踐踏別人的喜好哦! 

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【McD|麥當當】The McD's Restaurant|麥儅儅餐廳   


  1. I actually like the Big Mac and Fries the most, followed by these Apple Pie and McFlurry.. I wonder why they didn't have the Sundae horr??

  2. Still got? I thought this nano block fever already over! Now Shell also got Lego thing to chase. My colleague said he had to go for long drives to burn enough fuel so that he can refill enough again for the next edition. Crazy!

  3. Been years and years since I last dropped by McD. Maybe I should check it out one of these days, see if anything has changed.

  4. Nice collection! One more to go. Hope you get it. Gambatte!

  5. I frequent the McD nearby my home for late supper sometimes with my wife! We would order just one large fries to munch and chat over hot chocolate drinks.

    It is good that you have good rapport with a gang of McD fans who collect their freebies! Small Kucing is one fan too.

  6. 講真的,那個小漢堡好可愛哦!收集東西需要很大的耐心和恆心的,還要很會處理。我就不行了。。。。


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