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Monday, October 05, 2015

【Movie|电影】The Martian|火星救援

October 5, 2015, Monday
About the Mars story but I felt more interested on the Hexadecimal language, that Matt Damon used to communicate with NASA on earth. That reminds me of morse code, interesting ya?! That's one of the kind that I which to study all the time. Using some other language that people not usually do.
一直聽到非常好評的電影,我還真的不想錯過它,而且還是有關太空的故事,印象中這種流浪在太空的電影,我就想到了地心引力這部電影。 但顯然他們是不一樣的電影,這位太空人一個人被遺留在火星,一個距離地球有2.25億公里的火星,詮釋了叫天不應,叫地不靈的情形。

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Guess this movie wasn't release on the good timing, it was right after NASA announced the confirmation of water on Mars. Despite that back to the story, I do very admire that he was be able to stay alive in Mars for that long by eating the corps that plant by his excretions. Meanwhile it takes me back to the movie few years ago named Sunshine, story about a spacecraft have a dangerous mission to the sun. Michelle Yeoh was played as a biologist in charged of the oxygen garden on board. The appearance of when he and she saw the new born leaves are like the same. Imagine on a planet or places that has nothing, and in order to survive,  you got to do everything for, including making your own food and stable your emotions. Indeed the emotions is very important, if losing the motive of surviving, none on earth can do anything beside themselves.
改編自小說的它,可以說是當時火星還沒被發覺有水份的痕跡。 而且就那麼巧好在這部電影上映時期,就發現火星有水的存在,讓我在看這部電影的時候,唯有暫時忘記掉當下的新聞,抱著什麼都不知道的情況下進電影院去。 回到電影中,相信很多人都很注目的是男主角,马特·戴蒙在火星上用自己的排泄物種植馬鈴薯和用氫氣分解來製造水份。 那還真的是讓我回憶起想當年的化學課(很幸運的我在學院的時候遇上了好老師,每次都拿報告去問老師怎麼做,沒辦法啊,好成績比敢不敢更重要,所以死都要去問個究竟)

回到故事裡,這位一個人在火星上生存,除了要有堅定的信念跟堅持,還真的不是常人能夠做到的,太空人的工作看起來很輕鬆簡單(是的,很多人都這樣想,所以我每次看到的時候都有氣!) 那種在外因為工作關係,讓回家的日子一延再延的的情形,是等到你真的有這樣的工作環境,才會感受得到的哦!

Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 141 minutes (2 hours 21 minutes)
Directed by: Ridley Scott

The crew of Ares III, a manned mission to Mars, has established a temporary artificial habitat, called The Hab, on Mars, where they are to stay for 2 months and depart back to Earth in their orbital probe. However, 6 days into the Mars mission, a massive Martian storm hits the base and they are forced to abandon the base and launch themselves because of the danger that their escape vehicle will collapse and leave them stranded. While evacuating, astronaut Mark Watney is lost and presumed dead as his biomonitor is damaged. With the lives of her crew at stake, mission commander Melissa Lewis is forced to leave the planet, leaving Watney behind.

Watney survives the storm and makes it back to the Hab, though he is unable to contact NASA. After calculating that he has 300 days of food, he uses his knowledge as a botanist to make a makeshift farm using the central room of the habitat, anticipating that he will need to survive for at least three years and journey to the landing site of Ares IV (around 1480 days), which already has some of its infrastructure on Mars. He keeps a series of video logs to maintain morale and begins to modify the habitat's rover to make it capable of long journeys.

Reviewing satellite photos of Mars, NASA engineers Vincent Kapoor and Mindy Park realize that Watney has survived, and immediately start planning to establish contact. Fearing that Watney may die soon, NASA director Teddy Sanders orders them not to tell the rest of the Ares III crew, who are currently traveling back to Earth aboard the spacecraft Hermes, against the decisions of Mitch Henderson, the Hermes flight director. Watney locates the Pathfinder probe, defunct since 1997, and uses it to regain contact with Earth. Watney and the JPL team use the Pathfinder's camera and signs showing the hexadecimal alphabet using the ASCII code to improve efficiency of communications. Later on, using instructions from NASA, Watney modifies his rover to be able to send and receive instant text messages from NASA.

As Watney continues to grow his crops, crew supervisor Mitch Henderson and JPL director Bruce Ng formulate a plan to send a space probe to Mars and resupply Watney to let him last the four years until Ares IV can reach him. As the launch date approaches, an increasingly optimistic Sanders authorizes them to tell the crew, and they are informed in a video message from Henderson. With NASA desperate to launch the probe quickly, mistakes are made and the probe explodes during the launch. Watney suffers his own disaster when the airlock on the habitat explosively decompresses, killing his crops and reducing his projected supply of food.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) offers NASA a lifeline: a classified booster that can carry a payload to Mars. They can send the rocket to Mars, arriving barely in time to resupply Watney, or instead use the rocket to resupply the Hermes so that the Ares III crew can return to Mars and recover Watney. While Sanders insists on sending the probe to resupply Watney, Lewis and her crew force the issue by setting their craft into a gravitational slingshot back to Mars. NASA successfully resupplies the Hermes and Lewis' crew begins the return journey.

After seven months, Watney has driven all of his key life support systems to the base of the Ares IV mission. Following instructions from Kapoor, he strips the Ares IV launch vehicle down to save weight, using his spacesuit to protect against the vacuum of space. As Lewis and the crew of the Hermes orbit Mars, they launch the Ares IV vehicle remotely, intending to intercept Watney in space. When Watney's vehicle fails to achieve the altitude needed to be intercepted, Vogel improvises an explosive device to slow the Hermes down without wasting fuel by rupturing an airlock to release the ship's atmosphere and generate thrust. Still too far away, Watney pierces the hand of his pressure suit in order to come close enough for Lewis to catch him in her MMU.

After returning to Earth, Watney begins "Day One" of his new life, taking a position with NASA as a survival instructor for new candidates to the astronaut training program, emphasizing his own experiences in problem-solving and creative engineering in worst-case scenario. The film ends as the Ares III crew members watch the news about the successful launch of the Ares V space vehicle, with Martinez as part of the crew.

Sources from Wikipedia

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  1. 一个人在外太空,一个人在火星,一个人在海上漂流,很多一人秀的电影,有时也很精彩!

  2. I'm waiting for The Good Dinosaur, Hope to get to watch that.

    1. Sure you do, just go for it then it will works.

  3. You should read the book, you know. If you think the movie is nice, the book is much better. The movie cannot become too nerdy and technical, but all his ideas and calculations are specified in the book. The book also describes HOW he design the rover to reach Schiaparelli, and the book also describe how he get caught in DUST STORM during the drive, and how he overcome it.

    Of course, the book is in English, but I'm sure you can handle it.

    1. got book ka? wokay wokay i will wanna go find the book. Thanks

    2. Hahaha, book argh??? Okay, that's challenge, I would think of that, thanks for you recommendations.

  4. Call me jakun.. New movie? Never heard before, hehe.. I only know Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, kekekeke..

    1. Hahahaha, no la, super long time ago, because this got postpone to publish.

  5. yes I watched this movie but really cannot remember when I watched it, haha!! I have to say I like this movie a lot and enjoyed it from the start till the end (without dozing off).. though simple storyline but nice plots to make it a good movie.. :)

    1. Yea, it was long time ago, I've too much backdate one, coming on, coming on.

    2. I watched it 2 weeks after RG posted it in his blog. Really a different and good movie.

  6. I like your sketch in your notebook diary! This movie is on my to-watch list.


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