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Saturday, October 17, 2015

【McD|麥當當】The McD Big Mac and Fries|麥儅儅之漢堡與薯條

October 17, 2015, Saturday


That day, I told MeiLing to meet at the Kepong McD in the morning, but before I got there, she called me said that the nanoblock has sold out.

What a sad news...so after little bit of discussions, she agreed to head over to the one at Gombak as according to her, that is a bit off city and might not sold out that fast.

And it turns out we did a great decision, as the staff told us actually they've sold out at first and just got another stock from other outlet.


Another good news is, they allow us to buy five with any purchase. Not like the other outlet, MeiLing told me the one she went on Thursday, they insisted her to buy at least a meal and only two nanoblock.

So I bought a meal and four of them, I got two and MeiLing took another two as she said she always like to have double collections. =.=!!





我買了四個,我兩個,美玲兩個,因爲他說她每次收東西都有收兩份的 =.=!!

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  1. 这个玩意儿已经俽起了像 minion 玩具的另一番绝对热潮啊

    1. 還好我對那個沒有興趣,不過我對這個也沒興趣,只是幫人家一個忙罷了。

  2. Gosh! I can't remember the last time I had a Big Mac, so very long ago. Used to love it...but I would remove the pickles inside, not that fond of those.

  3. at least a meal to buy two nanoblocks?? got such thing?? it's in their official website that customers can buy the nanoblocks with ANY purchase leh.. but then it's good to limit the number of nanoblocks each customer can buy lah.. so Mei Ling has two sets now!! fuyoh~~

  4. Wow, good for you, can get 5 with any purchase.. Not a fan of nanoblocks, but I know everyone looking for it, hehe..

  5. 請允許我離題!!!

  6. Like SK you also collect this. Good to hear you manage to get them.

  7. Alls Well, Ends Well. I also have this habit to run from outlet to outlets to get my things.


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