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Sunday, October 18, 2015


October 18, 2015, Sunday
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Olga Kurylenko, master mind of a group of mysterious thief. They were asked to stole diamonds from a bank, but her group mate had steal something, the drive from it which has brought them into a danger.

The most scariest scenes here is the brutal murder trying to broke her leg by using drill press vise to threaten her tells the truth. Couldn't image when it happens real and throughout the whole part of it. I watched it with my eyes closed and wish it came to the end soon. And guess what surprisingly at the end of the movie she can walk smoothly after everything...hmmm, is that making any sense to you??
她是有一定的身手,但是身手再好,也有點難以置信的她為什麼明明已被敵人傷了腳,但卻在尾端時候,她還可以若無其事般呢? (這時候我還是不得不搬出一句「這只是做戲嘛!」

Country: South Africa, United States
Language: English
Genre: Action, Thriller
Running Time: 96 minutes (1 hour 36 minutes)
Directed by: Stephen Campanelli

Alex, a mysterious thief, is pulled in by her former partner for one last heist. She quickly finds it was never just about the diamonds. A brutal murder sparks a cat and mouse chase between Alex and a master assassin. Now she must uncover the lies behind the heist and discover the secrets behind the men who have made her a target.

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  1. looks like a recent movie but I have no idea about it, hehe.. and I usually will skip those 90+ minutes movie because too short and not worth getting the ticket, unless I really want to watch la, haha!! :p

  2. Oh! A movie. Didn't see this one showing here.

  3. I did not know about this movie. Thanks for sharing it. I dislike watching gruesome scenes. Like you I will watch it with my eyes closed (erh, eyes closed means cannot watch lah).

  4. How come I didn't know about this movie??? Cannot be leh! Got Olga, how can I not know?? Did it show in our cinemas??


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