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Sunday, December 13, 2015


December 13, 2015, Sunday

The saddest news to announce, but it's the only way and only choice. I set the due date is 14 December and here it's but I still have 40% waited to be done. Things can't be delayed anymore, as the my reason is very obvious, I've set a very high expectation for myself, is the 88 of them and each of them has for of these, so do the math...... Indeed to say because of these I've delayed many of my stuffs, less then five hours sleep per day and clothes hasn't wash, tons of mail haven't check (which is also included my email  for my jobs too...) Not just the stress but also the daily life routine. I worked last weekend, so I get a chance to have two days off since Wednesday. Even I've work my a** off I still couldn't finish them, so this's my only choice, I only have to postpone it to next year......
經過多層考慮,我還是選擇明年再繼續。 簡直生活顛倒的情況,工作沒有喊停一樣五點半起床去工作(我工作而去又不是坐坐office等放工,而是壓力大及活動多多的流程)回到家幫媽媽煮飯,吃飯,再練一下小提琴就開始做了,做到凌晨十二點,一點才睡覺,這個持續了一段日子。。。直到我有機會在星期三放假開始,我才能夠全職的來製作,早上7點起來就做到晚上6點。。。結果到這個星期日還是做不完,事情是嚴重到我一直手震的過度緊張,就好像是以前讀書時候,明天要考試了,但是書本還沒讀完那種。。。我放棄不代表我失敗,而是我後面真的有很多東西被拖累,所以放慢腳步,慢工出細貨。。。

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  1. 小事小事。。。。你尽力了就好啊。。最重要不要忽略自己做其它事情的时间。。加油。。

  2. don't stress yourself too much, it's small matter only and we all understand.. 88 of those is indeed huge and it is almost a job that requires machine to complete!! so you now have one year to improve and enhance and get them completed, it's the 心思 lah.. i am sure your friends would be happy for the 慢工出細貨~~ at the meantime, take some good rest :)

  3. Wow! You really set a too high expectations on yourself. I would never do that on my lazy self. Muahahaha

    You have done 60% and that's a good achievement. You still have 2 weeks to go and you should be able to accomplish another 30%!! Good luck lady.

  4. 不要给自己太大的压力, 放慢自己的脚步吧~ 最重要的是你那一份心思 ♡

  5. It is the thought that counts. I am sure your friends and readers will understand. Next year it is then!

  6. Once something stresses you out, it ceases to be of any fun. Not worth it. Do what makes you happy in your own time, no worries. Next year is fine.

  7. Aiya, don't stress lah... I don't want a card if it means agony to you!

  8. 现场体会过,看得出你压力真的很大。那天帮忙几个小时,能感觉到你想把事情做得完美但却又赶不出的无奈。加油喔亲爱的,明年就明年,你好好休息啦~


  9. 加油!做自己喜歡的事,不要有負擔。


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