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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

【Book|書籍】Love in India|《時間|空間|人間》

December 8, 2015, Tuesday
This is very different travelogue book, story about the author quit her job and went over to India to being a volunteer. Actually this is her second book, on her first book she shared about that more. So this one is about the second trip being a volunteer in India.

✈3 page 154
This time she went there with her friend for travel then stay two more months back to join the volunteer group. India always being as unknown as a country that very dangerous for female to visit, due to some sad cases happened even myself is very afraid to went alone. Back to her story, since it wasn't her second time being there, before she departed, few of her friends have collect some fund for the community. So upon her arrived, she and few of the local teachers greatly to have fund for the school stuffs.

✈4   page 233
In the beginning of the book, she shared her story about her passed away father. As when she was volunteering in India, her dad got into car accident then later is cancer. In here she shared the last word from her father, her father told her not to cry, if she cried then how can he stayed strong? and she thanked her father being loved her so much and thought her to stay strong until the last and love herself. The reason I quote this page is because I want to bring out one thing. In our daily life, for example the social media, people nowadays tend to write every good things in life in social media. Of course it might look good, but to be concern to everyone, have you ever think of those just have a bad day and bad life people? Those might not as an encouragements for them, for me...I rather supportive in those who willing to share they sad story or bad thing in a day, then following by how they overcome it. Don't you feel that is more exciting and encouraging for a person who just had a bad day in life??

✈5   page 250
✈6 page 268
And at the end of the book, she also shared a lot info of all the volunteer communities in India. Throughout the whole book in the end, we might not found that India was so dangerous but really if you have the heart to do so. Inside those communities actually can found lots of volunteer from all around the world.

Author|作者: 黃婉秋(Grace Wong)
Publisher|出版社:Cahayapuri Sdn. Bad.|光仁控股有限公司
Publish Date|出版日期:2015/05/29
Pages|页数: 269
ISBN: 978-983-246-207-1
Price|定價:Cite ~ RM43.00,Popular ~ RM43.00(I bought it here|我在這裡購入

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  1. I have been to India in 2006, company sent me there for a week-long classroom training and then I extended stay for few more days.. I hired a car and private driver to bring me around New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.. I wasn't quite aware of my own safety for traveling alone there without knowing anyone, now think back also a little 汗顏, luckily all went well..

    the author is brave to quit her job and then go to India to become a volunteer, but I think she has linked up with the charity organization there beforehand, all well planned and so I guess it should be alright.. if you are going to travel there to backpack alone then better give it a second thought.. I think network is important.. :)

    1. Hahaha, that honestly won't came into my mind, because I'm truly very scared of it.

  2. 赞同。散发正能量不是不好,只是人偶而也会有情绪,也会遇到不如意事件。正如,朋友看到我每次PO美食照,就先入为主的认定我只上Cafe用餐。


    1. 對呀,其實啊我覺得不要看最好,因爲又不能控制別人發佈什麽,最好就是看自己吧!

  3. I saw an Indian movie once, Love in Tokyo, starring Joy Mukerjee. You would not know him nor the movie, too young.

    1. Aiyo, don't know even who, hahahaha..........

  4. I guess this is a good book to read for those who are interested to go to India as a volunteer. Would you be interested to be a volunteer in India like this lady author?

  5. That's quite a nice story and book ! Oh.. India.. Sorry to say that but probably the last place I will go unless it's for work. The lady is really brave and kind hearted to volunteer there!

    1. Maybe for work I also very give a pass, hahaha...


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