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Sunday, December 06, 2015

【Gift|禮物】From Italy|來自意大利手信

December 6, 2015, Sunday
Little notebook from my second elder sister while she was travelling in Italy. That vacation was for she and my second brother in law 10th years wedding anniversary. 

A notebook with different colors. First came in to my impression is......is this truly from Italy?? Doesn't seems like it so much, hahahaha......until I saw some Italian words on the cover. Oh yea, it's true...... =D
小小筆記本有著多張不同顔色的紙,我一開始還一度懷疑我姐姐是不是騙我。。。這個哪像來自意大利的? 直到我在封面看到有意大利文的字,我才相信。。。(哎,我真是疑神疑鬼啊~~~)

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  1. haha, true enough that your sister can get this notepad anywhere, and anyone can also print the country name on the notepad like OEM from a bulk production.. but it's the 心意 mah, she knows you like this and bought for you all the way from Italy woh~~

    1. Actually I don't even know how she knows, because I hide it quite well at home though.

  2. Wahhhhhhh!!!! Went to Italy to celebrate anniversary, so nice, so romantic.

  3. I like your sketches - photo 1. It is the thought that counts. So nice of your sister!

  4. Haha, you thought it's not from Italy coz it looks like a normal notebook with colourful pages.. But it's very nice of her to get you stuff from Italy, well, although it's just a notebook, it "smells more heong" coz it's from Italy :)

    1. Hahaha, yea la...I was expecting something very fancy though...

  5. Not same one, the notebook soak in Italy atmosphere, write also can write better on it one! XD

  6. 收到手信是開心的...心意也收到了。


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