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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

【Travel|旅遊】It's Time|是時候了

December 16, 2015, Wednesday
The most excited trip of the year is my solo trip, the trip I've waiting for a year. Always afraid that I couldn't make it, luckily it turns out all right every year. Where I want to go this year?? Is unannounced...it's a country that I've been through by myself and I promise to go back every two years and I am. Thanks to my mom for supporting my flight ticket, because I got the ticket like less a week from the departure date. Holy hell, it was so closed...thank goodness I wasn't buy the ticket before the date I fly, that's even expensive and tensions. Due to our currency things are getting more and more expensive. Why is it the long waited one, because that's my only free time, that I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want freely, so yea!! 
終於等到了這一個時刻,也是在一年以內最期待的時刻,就是我自己一個人去旅行的時候。 這個一點都不陌生的國度,我喜歡在國外逍遙自在的亂走,喜歡沒有人認識我的地方,喜歡冷冷的環境。 也許是工作的關係,我越來越喜歡獨處做事,每次一個人工作到深夜加週末已習慣了。 反而在有一次被擠滿人的房間,我和其他的同事都紛紛搬離。 喜歡獨處不用多說什麼,是來訓練自己的大膽,今年的膽量變得更大,雖然還不如我預期的,但我相信來年我一定可以達到的。 再次的挑戰,這次是不到一個星期以內訂機票訂住處。 本來以為已泡湯的旅行,感謝媽媽送我的機票,讓我可以省下不少。。。同事們都說我是不是瘋了,這麼近才買飛機票??開始建議我飛往其他地方吧。。。 問題是我本來是訂18號的,但因為工作關係就必須延遲到24號。 12月16日就正是24號的前一個星期,我才買到機票。 我說明年我要把我的假期儲存起來,這樣我就可以去很遠的地方了。。。單身旅程,我又來啦!!

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  1. wow going to travel alone!! and everything was so spontaneous!! hope you have a great trip!! enjoy and we shall see you again in 2016!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. 一切平安呀。。多注意安全。。在INSTA放多点照片。。呵呵呵

  3. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
    You are so brave and adventurous.

  4. 妳妈妈也够放心的 现在很少会看到那么讲理的妈妈了。如果是我妹妹说要独自旅行,别说赞助机票,我看我妈妈一定会担心到半死 然后会拿铁链把她绑在家里不给她出去!>.<

  5. 自己一个人去旅行, 你好强!! 一路旅途愉快哦

  6. 很羨慕你的勇氣!祝你路途愉快哦!

  7. 哈哈!!小小声告诉你,我昨晚做了一件事情,订了3天后的机票。

  8. 一個人旅遊,記得一切小心至上。

  9. Enjoy yourself! Have a good holiday and be safe.

  10. 一个人旅行,一直都很想但是还没酝酿好足够的勇气。
    一个人在路上,一切要小心噢!!~ 祝,旅途愉快。(=

  11. Go enjoy and do crazy things while you can!! Gambateh!

    Enjoy and be safe ya!


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