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Thursday, December 17, 2015

【Buffet|自助餐】The Saujana Hotel|紹嘉納酒店

December 17, 2015, Thursday
We always have dinner downstair cafe at my office area, but today my boss said he wants to treat us at Saujana Hotel (he means the buffet) last year the one if I still remember correctly is at Chili's. So this year is somehow different.
今天的午餐有點不一樣,因為今天的午餐老闆請吃,話說我們都真的很久沒有出外吃午餐了。 這個應該算是週年“晚餐”吧! 不! 是午餐才對,最近的午餐和晚餐我幾乎都是連在一起,因為放工很晚的關係,所以午餐都比較晚吃一些。。。

Since it's eating with boss so I can't take picture of every dishes plus it's very obvious if I do so because non of my colleagues are so into social network like me. THUS here I try to sketch whatever I eat in the buffet and the taste of it... (yea, wish that I can draw even nicer though)
既然這個是和老闆同事們吃,所以也不太方便一一去拍照,因為整個圈子裡只有我在社交網站比較活躍,公司的秘書連面子書都沒有,所以我都必須檢點一點。。。所以唯有儘量的畫出來吧! 這樣的臨時記憶畫下來,其實還蠻不錯的。

In my first plate, I've this vege lotus which just normal nothing special; just one sausage because got to try out the taste, I don't want later if I can't finish them, the sausage was good; then is the steak, it's a bit cold and they're serving this knife which doesn't look like for cutting steak that makes it take a bit longer time to cut it, even though is cold a little bit but it goes quite well with the black pepper sauce or you might say that the sauce have "save" the steak.
由於是自助餐,所以就一盤一盤來水吧! 第一盤一定是先試探水溫,所以也拿得比較少。 第一個拿的是蔬菜蓮藕(這個蓮藕只是在我媽媽煲湯裡面見過罷了,這樣拿來跟蔬菜一起炒,我還真的很久沒有吃了)接著就是牛排,牛排有點冷,而且他們提供的刀,一點都不利,所以都是用來拉扯的,還好是有配上黑胡椒醬才幫了大忙。最後就是香腸,小小的香腸我只是拿一個罷了,因為只是想要嚐一嚐味道,結果味道還不錯,所以我第二次再拿多了兩條。

Then is the creamy mushroom soup, doubt it is creamy soup, so it's like a bit oily can see on top of it has a thin oil layer...=.=
第二碟(第二碗)就是奶油蘑菇湯。 名副其實的奶油湯,把它盛在碗裡的時候,還可以隱約的看到一層薄薄的油,本來想要不吃了,但還是勉強把它吃完,所幸的是我只拿了1/4罷了。

Third dish is this the fried noodles, also a little cold and taste not so strong (I prefer those hawkers one more) and also another two sausage for me with the black pepper sauce.

Fourth is this, actually I wasn't planned to have this, but when I was taking the sausage I saw it was quite delicious, so I give it a try. Umm, the curry taste not bad but the mee hun isn't soft enough.

Last but not least is the desserts, they serve ice-cream but you gonna ask from them as it's not display outside that you can take it easily. And even that so...have no idea why it melt so fast...I like ice-cream but in the solid way of course, not the melted way >.<
來到最後,最不能少的,當然是甜品啦! 兩個巧克力蛋糕都很好吃(還是因為是巧克力的關係吧!)再來就是雪糕,這個需要向他們詢問的因為雪糕收在裡面,不像普通那種可以自己隨意拿很多,還有它溶得很快,我吃到最後的時候,有種好像在吃雪糕水的感覺。。。

Dinning The Saujana Hotel
Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang, Saujana, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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  1. hahaha, i guess if the boss belanja hor, the easiest and most convenient one would be buffet lor, because so many staff and it's difficult to please each and everyone right, that is why going for buffet will be a nice move, because sure every one can find at least something they like to eat among the vast selection mah, agree?? but for small eater like you, rugi a bit lah if go for buffet, hahahahaha.. so you only showed one photo of the curry, meaning it's the best you had?? actually looks not bad at all woh, i mean for a buffet standard.. :)

    1. Hahaha, because is with boss and all my male colleagues, they very curious why I need to take picture and ask this and that, so I might just take one only ya.

  2. Boss treat, ok lah!!! The best things in life are free.


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