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Friday, May 29, 2020

【Quarantine|隔離】Don't Simply Delete|不要亂亂刪除哦!

May 29, 2020, Friday

Since the day I've a What's app account, I've been told or watch/read from the news said that we don't simply click on the link that sent by anonymous. Therefore whenever I saw someone unknown added me into group, I will delete it straight away...but not this time.

I checked in to the hotel on last Friday midnight, someone added me into a What's app group on Sunday, I didn't look it through and delete straight away.

On Monday, someone called in the hotel room phone, asked about my health and my phone number. Later in the evening, someone added me into a What's app group again...I delete the group again.

On Tuesday, I start feeling something not right, I think there must me for something...was thinking if they call again then I would ask them, but no one call in.

Wednesday, I called to the front desk, they passed me to another line and I asked them please add me to the What's app group if it's something that I need to have.

No one added me or call me Thursday.

Thank god on Friday, someone called to the hotel room phone again, I told them my concern and thankfully they added me into the group in the evening.
自有What's app以來,都常會聽到不要亂亂按不明人士發過來的訊息或連結,就是因為這個習慣卻帶給了我無止境的麻煩。。。

星期五半夜入住酒店,收拾起來是星期六了,星期日的時候,好像有人加我進去一個What's app群組,我還以為什麼來歷不明的,所以直接刪除了。 

星期一酒店房間電話響了,詢問我健康狀況還有手機號碼,然後又有人加了我進去What's app群組。。。我又無知的刪除了。




終於到了星期五,又有人打電話來,急忙地讓她我進去What's app的群組。。。就這樣。。。我不再是與世隔絕了。。。

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