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Sunday, August 30, 2020

【Drama|電視劇】The Umbrella Academy: Season 1 and Season 2|《雨傘學院》第一季和第二季


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The Umbrella Academy, originally from Netflix. Seven siblings with various superpowers. Given names as numbers by their adopted father. 

Number One, Luther who has super strength, was once almost killed in a mission, to save him, his father injected ape's blood into his body which has literraly turned him to looks like an ape from some point. 

Number Two, Diego, the one can aim on anything with knives, nothing much story to tell about him besides the plot is giving him a relationship in each season, her ex-girlfriend friend got killed when trying to save his brother. And on the second season, his ex-girlfriend has the superpowers of every of them, almost killed all of them.

Number Three, Allison, would say she's the one has the most stories as she has a superpower called "Have you heard a rumour, everything said after this, it will turn into truth. She used her power to get things that she wants but it brings some of the lost of her as well.

Number Four, Klaus, the most weird among the siblings, doesn't matter from his outfit or his behaviour, he is always in a sober conditions and addicted to alcohol. Glad he wakes up eventually and help his sibling whenever he can.

Number Five, also called as Five, he doesn't really have a name because he ran away from home in a young age. He has the ability to jump through the space, the past and the future. He is basically the leading of the whole stories as he always see the future and attempt to change the future from the past. Well, one thing is true is that we can't change the past, but we can change anything which hasn't happened, isn't it?

Number Six, Ben, he is not acting as a human being but as a soul, sometimes he needs to use Klaus body to show himself. Can't remember these two seasons did show how he really died but guessing he will be acting as a normal human being in season three as this is showing at the ending of the season two.

Number Seven, Vanya, the one has the most uncontrollable and the strongest power among the siblings, that's why she has been treated as a normal child, but actually she is the most dangerous boom.
終於把這部美句給看完了,明明之前是在看著這部電視劇的,但由於《三十而已》的出現,所以就放棄了這部美劇而去追中國劇。 話說回來這部美劇,我連續看了兩季,第一季介紹人物的開始,第二季跟第二季有所連結。 七位主角,收養他們的父親用號碼來命名他們,老大有著超大的力氣,老二是飛刀高手,老三可以說出任何可以成真的謠言,老四可以和靈異溝通,老五可以穿梭空間和時間,老六有八爪魚一樣的角,老七擁有音波共震的力量。

老七從小就不會控制自己的超能力,所以就被灌輸她只是一個普通人,但其實她的超能力卻是七位兄弟姊妹中,最厲害的那位。 我總覺得她的超能力有點像Captain Marvel一樣,適當的運用超能力可以讓她飛在半空中。

老六不幸早死,在第一二季的時候都是已靈魂的方式出現,但劇情的發展,讓他在重要的時刻,還是可以幫得一些忙。 剛看維基百科,在第三季的時候他終於不再是靈體,而是用實體人物出現了。

老五算是整部戲劇的引領,能夠看到未來過去能力,所以幾乎都一直在嘗試著改變未來。 過去的無法改變,但是未來卻是掌握在我們手中,不嘗試改變,我們怎能知道未來會是怎樣? 至少都有努力過,不是嗎?





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