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Saturday, March 14, 2009


演唱: 孫燕姿
作曲: 林一峰,  編曲: Terence Teo
監製: ,  填詞: 易家揚

聽見 冬天 的離開 我在某年某月醒過來
我想 我等 我期待 未來卻不能因此安排

*陰天 傍晚 車窗外 未來有一個人在等待
 向左 向右 向前看 愛要拐幾個彎才來

 我遇見誰 會有怎樣的對白
 我等的人 他在多遠的未來
 我聽見風 來自地鐵和人海
 我排著隊 拿著愛的號碼牌*


我往前飛 飛過一片時間海
我們也曾 在愛情備受傷害
我看著路 夢的入口有點窄
我遇見你 是最美麗的意外
總有一天 我的謎底會解開







YS, thanks a lot for that day...

i really appreciate for the Stefanie's song that you played for me...


seriously, i was very shocked that you suddenly played a mandarin's song for me...

anyway, i am still waiting for you to come here...^_^

(lol, if got any grammar mistake, don't laugh at me arh...)


1 comment:

  1. You're welcome! Glad you like it la. Didn't know how long only I could play that song, but I did it! I hope can play the tian hei hei for you to hear soon. Hehe^^


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