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Saturday, November 03, 2012


Okay, this thing is kind of awkward and kind of like not my style but anyway I'm still posting it. This thing was recommend by my second elder sister, KT. Before that, when my sister ask me about this, I was just saying of going for fun. But this afternoon my eldest sister, FT just take me to the slimming center to do something like slimming course or whatever it is and so I was so tired at night and I was refused to go out at night (I know I always like that, my words always is easier than work on it). I know no matter how tired I'm but I still have to go because they already bought the ticket for me.

So actually the show wasn't that bad as I thought because I thought this will be very boring just because it's for kids. Basically the whole was letting the children to learn how to save your money and use your money in a proper way and last but not least is record all the expenses and saving in your life.

By the way, the yellow booklet was just something that we get when we entered the hall and inside was just about all the background and front stage workers data or bibliography also in the last two pages of it is for the kids to record all their money expenses and how much do they save per day??? or per week??? Can't really remember (was very tired in the end so didn't pay much attention to it). For the golf coin...obviously it is just a chocolate gold coin!!!

小红姐姐话剧! Okay, 我很清楚这个东西很小孩子可是我已经答应了我的姐姐就算我再累我也要去,有时还在想偷懒一下都不可以,因为这是个尊重也是我的人格,永远都不让自己有任何差错的我就硬着头皮去了。


哦! 对了,那本黄色的书就是入场的时候给的,里面有所有工作人员的介绍,然后最后一页就是让小朋友写他们的金钱出入的纪录,而哪个金币里面就是巧克力。

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