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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

【Movie|电影】The Transporter Refueled|玩命快遞:肆意橫行

September 2, 2015, Wednesday
At first when I saw the trailer, what came to mind is "Is this an Audi car advertisement or a movie?" Then after I watch the movie, oh......it's definitely like half Audi advertisement and half movie. Or I should watch it like this way, they're trying to show how advanced was the car can do. Umm......
看著這部電影的時候就有一種是在看奧迪車的廣告那樣(其實當下我是希望不要那麼重廣告性質啦!)但是看完出來的時候。。。啊! 它真的是廣告電影啊,其實多次電影都是看到這樣的劇情了(而且看太多還有一點膩,是那種有稍微知道劇情的膩)
Transporter! Can transport anything you want without asking anything, even the name of the employer is unknown. But this one the first case he received was two female ladies then anesthetic gasses from the hospital......
不過話說回來其實劇情還不賴啦,是有一定的故事性的,但是男主角未免也太容易上當了,第一次可以說是不清楚誤導,第二次是自願,第三次。。。唉! 但有著他的這一份工也不錯,只是負責護送東西(又有美車可以駕)只是需要會搏鬥一點啦!

Country: France, China
Language: English
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Running Time: 96 minutes (1 hour 36 minutes)
Directed by: Camille Delamarre

Frank Martin is living a less perilous lifestyle, or so he thinks, transporting classified packages for questionable people. Things get complicated when femme fatale Anna and her three accomplices orchestrate a bank heist and the kidnapping of Frank's father. It's all part of a grand plan to take down the human trafficker who victimized her years earlier. Now a pawn in her vengeful scheme, the former special-operations mercenary must use his covert skills to play Anna's dangerous game.

Sources from Wikipedia

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  1. at first I was confused by this Transporter with another movie Trainspotting.. only to realize they are actually two different movies, hehehe!!! stunt-grade action scenes using Audi cars?? sure Audi has sponsored or invested in the movie, hehe.. :)

    1. Apparently Audi has supponsors lost of movie, mostly can tell is from them, like so common alrady

  2. 这司机不是普通的司机,除了很会飞车意外。撞来撞去车好像都没任何损伤那样 XD

  3. Replies
    1. Duh? Why? Don't want la, I don't want to cry cry in the cinema...

  4. Sien, I watched this, really Audi advertisement. But the car itself nothing so cool lah, the cool one supposed to be the driver. But this guy not so cool, I think the Transporter only Jason Statham can do it la...

    1. Yup, I think so too, the guy really not so suitable for it

  5. Haha, same thinking as you, looks like car advertisement.. But I don't know much about cars la, I only see leng chai in movies..

  6. Eh, I did not know got new Transporter movie. But if not acted by Jason Statham, I don't think is nice leh.

  7. 看完后就觉得厂商赞助得超值得的!
    电影有香车和帅哥(当然也有美人~),就是一部赏心悦目的一场 show~


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