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Friday, September 11, 2015

【Airport|機場】Amsterdam Airport Schiphol|阿姆斯特丹史希浦機場|Luchthaven Schiphol

September 11, 2015, Thursday
I was so excited, as this is one of the top 5 best airports in the world. I've this instant thought that I'm here for vacation instead and not for transit only.
終於到了,終於到了,我真的抵達歐洲了,終於有那種興奮,而且這個還是全世界五大最好的機場之一。 雖然只是在這裡轉機罷了,但也是一種興奮,讓我可以順便打卡一下。

After long flight we're finally landed and on my phone right away, to let it update the local time instead. I was so desperate to have wifi or data with me all the time. Yea, I'm absolutely that kind of person can't leave without internet, because it gonna to have lots to catch on after I got online.

Wefie picture in Amsterdam, thanks to the transit, so I can have another image check-in pin on my Instagram map already. I'm telling the truth here, that I did that is not the show off, it's just kept as my own memory, I like to see it myself that where I've been to in the world.
打卡跟自拍是常識吧! 或許很多人都說幹嘛去國外還要上網? 但是對我來說我是真的很需要,我需要上instagram打卡,不是炫耀。 真的不是,假如真的是,那麼我何必不直接讓它在面子書聯通就好啦,我是打卡來讓自己爽的,是來滿足自己的自戀心。

Did you spot the "Selamat Datang" here? Felt so welcoming here and excited, I'm officially in Europe and it's no longer a dream. Don't dream your life, Live your dream.

So where are we flying to?? Is the 07:15 Rome, so we are heading to C18. Before it I asked Mika "what's the flight number for the next flight?" Actually I don't ask about it, because check the destination is fine, unless they've more than one flight on that day.
看著布告板的指示,我們是要去C18號登機処。看好是飛往羅馬的航班就對了,但是假如當天有超過一班機呢? 所以還是看清楚比較安全吧!
The airport looks like quite big, got to walk a bit far to the gate. Gate F was where we landed and walk to Gate C now. Luckily we just had a backpack with each of us only. 
感覺我們要去的登機口很遠般,怎麽一直走都還沒到? 不相信??  就給你看看機場平面圖,所幸的是我們只有一個背著一個背包,所以也沒有太大的負擔。

Due to different time zone. It was 5.30 something in the morning, from here if I didn't mentioned it, you might thought this is 5.30 something in the evening, pretty crowded here...hmm because usually at KLIA I didn't see this much crowded.
因爲時差的關係這裏的早上5點半的早晨,好像馬來西亞的5點半傍晚,因爲人潮很多,多到讓我一時之間覺得這麽早,就那麽多人啊? 因爲吉隆坡的機場,假如是在這麽早的時刻,都是冷清清的。

After 10 minutes walks, we finally see the clear Gate B and C signboard. I said 10 minutes and it really means that, even there are so many restaurants and souvenir shops along the way, but we didn't stop for any of it. And actually I regret after all, I should at least get a magnet or postcards something what.
跟著Gate B和C的指示牌,我們慢慢的走過去。 沿途有很多餐廳和手信店,我們都完全沒有任何想要停下來的意思,直接的走到目的地,可是過後我又後悔了,這麽難得來到阿姆斯特丹,我竟然都不會去買個什麽明信片來寄一寄。>.<

Refreshments, is that mean the vending machine here?? I don't have closer look pictures of it but I can describe here that they do have various snacks to choose.
有時候會因爲自己國家的設備不夠完善,然後去到別人國家,就好像鄉村人出城市那樣,在於普通不過的東西,我都覺得很稀奇。 就好像是這個,馬來西亞的自動販賣機,來來去去都是那幾樣,而且有一些裏面還不停的重複,所以基本上裏面都排得很滿,但是選項卻衹有兩三樣。

Felt so happy when I saw this, was thinking we can spend some time here before the next flight. Unfortunately using the desktop here isn't free, got to pay for it, which totally make sense why nobody was using it.

Is Air France!! Nope, this wasn't my next flight, but I did take Air France for my flights home. What makes me like Air France so much, actually is because of the Concorde, that Air France used to have last time. Great to hear it is gonna to back on service in 2019.
這! 不是我的下一班航機,我衹是拍爽而已。 不過在我回程的時候,我的確是乘坐法國航空的。 什麽讓我留意這一個航空,莫過於是因爲它那協和式客機,那傳奇的飛機。 嗯! 聽説2019年時候,它會再開啓服務,嘻嘻!

本地的真的沒有多家航空公司可以學習,但是在這裏的機場,有很多飛内綫的航空,我也因爲寫這一篇,而讓我認識不少。 SAS指的是北歐航空,它專飛歐洲超過50多個城市。 t是泛航航空,是荷蘭一家低成本的航空公司,主要基地是在阿姆斯丹機場,鹿特丹海牙機場Groningen機場。 jt是Jet Time,它是個丹尼斯的航空,是在歐洲專門用來運用有合約計,特設乘客和包機服務。


Toilet was just down the end of the stair here. Is very clean and most importantly it has toilet paper. But no more squat toilet in Europe...Girls! You know how inconvenient toilet seat is......

Here's where I sat to charge my phone and wrote the notebook. Really have to take those treasure time to write it, because it doesn't have much time later on. Oh yah, by the way there's free wifi in the airport, but got to register then login and free for the first hour.
在我們等候機的地方很巧好的有提供插電服務,另外這裏還有提供免費上網服務,對很多人來説這個或許不怎麽重要,但是對我來説上網是非常重要的。 注冊了以後,第一個小時是免費的,非常合適與短途逗留機場,但是一個小時后,又是另外一個問題了。

Here it is, the aircraft is here and I expect my luggage is in one of the cargo truck here. It's so excited and how can you don't love aircraft? They're so cool...
終于看到了自己即將乘搭的飛機了,他們還在準備當中,相信我們的行李就是在其中一個箱子當中。 飛機真的很帥,整體構造都是讓我非常鍾情的。

Get another better view here, they're loading up the catering stuffs. Is my first see this anyway, I guess need to depends on the airport itself whether it has the clear view for passengers or not.
轉過去另一邊拍照,他們正好在更新那餐務,這還是我第一次看到這樣的交替服務。 因爲這也不常被見到,這還需看看機場是否有很清楚大塊的玻璃窗讓乘客看見。

Yea, mine is Economy Lane, paid by myself and can review it truly deeply from my heart. Being in this field long enough so we heard a lot and know what's the truth.
6點44分,終于等到我們登機了。 我乘坐的經濟艙,而且我是自己付錢的,所以應該肯定的來説我所講訴的一切都是真實真心的。 當你在這個行業久了,你就會分得出,有哪些人說的是真的。

Last picture before boarding, almost 7 am in the morning here, sky is turning bright. Yeah, I get to on board again, you know the most happiness moment during the trip is get to sit in a plane, hehe!
將近7點,天空逐漸轉亮,久違的飛機乘搭,每一次去旅行,最興奮的就是搭飛機。 地點好像都被我看得不怎麽重要,這個像話嗎? 我好像要嘗試A350XWB啦!

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  1. I can feel your happiness when I read your post. You truly love airplanes and this airport. :-)


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