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Thursday, September 03, 2015

【Haul|購物】Cite Haul|城邦閱讀花園網路店

September 3, 2015, Thursday
Like haven't buy enough from the book fest and here I come again?! Nope, this one is different, I bought all these from the over seas store. 

Ya, part of the reason is some of them, I couldn't find it at the local store here, neither Kinokuniya. Actually I just want to buy a book, but like if no extra changes for buy one or more than one book. So I might just choose others of the book that I like, right?

The book I want to get the most is this, who's the one I went to her book sharing session last year (sadly her book came after the book fest, if not I bet the organizer will invite her over)
女王的書,對! 就是因為女王的書所以我才有衝動要買的,但是既然都買了,就可以順便買其他的書籍啦,反正郵費都是一樣,為何不呢?


Second are these, which I've a few of this author book during the book fest post. Yes, I'm so addicted to her book now, it's super inspiring and interesting. Guess what browsing in your mind is how could she write and drawing everything during her trip without any thoughts of giving up.



Besides the Queen from Taiwan, she's my another favorite from Hong Kong, everything she said is so true and inspiring the girls. Girls who always so moody should read this...am I hinting anything?? Nope, I'm not, sharing is caring!!

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  1. Never bought anything online...other than airline tickets. Old dinosaur, will get all stressed out. LOL!!!

    1. Hahaha, you should maybe, since you're so free now, lots of things can buy online nowadays!

  2. haha, nvm lah, 難得買到心頭好 mah.. some more buying books are good because reading is a good thing to do, plus not available here so it makes sense to get the books online and make them your collection.. those books you got looks like good read leh, so by now I think you need to have a good reading plan so that you don't just bought them and left them collecting dust at one side, hahaha~~ :)

    1. Yea, I don't want to do that of course, I've been reading one of it right now! Hope it gonna to finish soon

  3. 女王的那本书我也有, 不过是从台湾买回来的哈哈。小影看好多书哦~

  4. 最近我都在城邦购书了,便宜又方便~

  5. Wah, bought from overseas store.. Normally, I buy all from local, and use normal bank transfer only.. Not into buying books, only into buying baby stuffs and my own ladies stuffs, kekekeke..

    1. Hahaha! Time change, but hor, I think we need to more into reading, especially ladies, must be very content one, you know what am I talking about, hehe!


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