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Thursday, September 10, 2015

【Europe|歐洲】11 Days in Europe | 11天的歐洲之旅

September 10, 2015, Thursday
Europe always is one of top place wish to go in my wish list. Last year I promised my friend, Mika to have a vacation with her (seriously I didn't even remember that until she reminds me =.=!) At first she said want to go Hokkaido, then don't know for what reason, it has been switching to Italy (wow, that's a very big jump!) Despite about the sudden jumping high currency I still have to go, because she has already bought my flight ticket as well in mid of June (huh? You never afraid of I might not be able to pay you back??) I told her, I seriously don't have time to work on the itinerary then she told me is okay, asked me to pick a place then she will do for the rest. Luckily she did that as when I going for a trip, I'm so lazy and hardly work on any "homework" before I depart. I always think that is so compact and systematic in my daily life already, so why would I be so troublesome when I go for a trip. Thus this sort of a big challenge to me, but glad I did guess the time I used to spend on it was definitely worthy!!
欧洲! 在今年的2015愿望里,到欧洲旅行是在里面的,但是一直都没有去实行,因为我单一旅行的话,我大概是在前一两个星期才决定地点,前一个星期才订机票,出发前一两天才订住处。 今年我还真的很过分从年头巴厘岛(妈妈要的新年旅行)日本(这个胆粗粗的跟博客Ember的旅行)新加坡(这个明明就是去公干)华欣(家庭旅行)再来的意大利,还有大大小小的本地旅行。最重要的我尝试到全日航空捷星航空泰国航空马印航空荷兰皇家航空法国航空,这个才是重点,但是目前为止我还是最喜欢全日航空,嘻嘻! 单单飞机也要分一篇一篇来写(因为那是很重要的)从去年就答应了Mika(她说不可以放华语名)北海道旅行,但是不知道怎样就变成去了欧洲,当时我还以为她说说而已。。。谁知道某天的六月中她就连我的飞机票都一起买了(这么相信我,你不怕我走数?? 哇哈哈哈!),我当时整个人都还没回过意识来! 都买了,所以就去吧! 回想去八月的时候我忙到都还没有有时间去申请假期呢。。。还有当时在分地区做功课的时候,这个真的考倒我,因为我旅行从来不做功课,因为平日的生活太过于规划,所以我旅行的时候都放空,大致上都是乱乱走为主(加上做功课? 我自问真的没有那么多时间,明明就是懒,所以我索性就将他留给冒险吧,兵来将挡)既然上次日本之旅就辛苦了Ember,所以我告诉自己我下一次不可以再犯同样的错误。当然也很庆幸的Mika知道我多重岗位的关系,她让我自由选一个地方来做功课,其他的就让她来做吧! 我还真的很客气的选了威尼斯来做,因为威尼斯最小(嘿,我没有选梵蒂冈来做已经算很好了,但是话说回来,为什么我当时没有想到梵蒂冈呢?真是超级欠揍啊!)

Day 1 [September 10, 2015, Thursday]
Kuala Lumpur International Airport -- KLM 777-300 -- Movie~Triumph to the Sky -- Movie~Age of Andalia

Day 2 [September 11, 2015, Friday]
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol -- KLM -- Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Aiport -- Terravision Single Airport Transfer -- Rome Termini Train Station -- Girasoli Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II -- Lunch~Nuovo Canestro -- Giardini Piazza Vittorio -- Vittorio Emanuele Metro Station -- Ottaviano Metro Station -- Vatican City -- St. Peter's Basilica -- The Treasury of St. Peter's -- Vatican Museums -- Dinner -- Sistine Chapel -- Ottaviano Metro Station -- Rome Termini Train Station -- Girasoli Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Day 3 [September 12, 2015, Saturday]
Girasoli Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II -- Bar Baraatti (Breakfast) -- Colosseum -- Foro Romano -- Piazza Venezia -- Lunch -- Trevi Fountain -- Pantheon -- Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi -- Rome Termini Train Station --Girasoli Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Day 4 [September 13, 2015, Sunday]
Girasoli Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II -- Rome Termini Train Station -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Borgo Ognissanti 9 -- Basilica of Santa Maria Novella -- Busitalia Firenze -- The Mall -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Ponte Vecchio -- Santo Spirito --Palazzo Pitti -- Sd Store Firenze Srl -- Borgo Ognissanti 9

Day 5 [September 14, 2015, Monday]
Borgo Ognissanti 9 -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Piazzale Michelangelo -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Pisa Centrale Train Station -- Pisa San Rossore Train Station -- Leading Tower of Pisa -- Pisa Centrale Train Station -- Pisa San Rossore Train Station -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Ponte Vecchio -- Borgo Ognissanti 9

Day 6 [September 15, 2015, Tuesday]
Borgo Ognissanti 9 -- Uffizi Gallery -- Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore -- Palazzo Vecchio -- Basilica of Santa Croce -- Borgo Ognissanti 9 -- Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station -- Firenze Campo di Marte Train Station -- Verona Porta Nuova Train Station -- B&B Madame Butterfly Suite Opera

Day 7 [September 16, 2015, Wednesday]
B&B Madame Butterfly Suite Opera -- Verona Porta Nuova Train Station -- Peschiera del Garda Centro -- Lungolago, Garda --   Malcesine, Lago di Garda -- Monte Baldo -- Castello Di Malcesine --  Malcesine, Lago di Garda  -- Sirmione, Lago di Garda -- Castello di Sirminione -- Sirmione, Lago di Garda - Verona Porta Nuova Train Station -- B&B Madame Butterfly Suite Opera

Day 8 [September 17, 2015, Thursday]
B&B Madame Butterfly Suite Opera -- Verona Porta Nuova Train Station -- Venezia Mestra Train Station -- B&B Rooms -- Piazzale Roma -- Murano -- Burano -- San Zaccaria Pietà Ferry Terminal -- Arsenale -- San Zaccaria Pietà Ferry Terminal -- Piazzale Roma -- B&B Rooms

Day 9 [September 18, 2015, Friday]
B&B Rooms -- Piazzale Roma -- Salute Ferry Terminal Santa Maria della Salute -- Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo -- I Gesuiti -- Rialto Bridge -- San Marco -- Fondamenta Cannaregio -- Piazzale Roma -- B&B Rooms

Day 10 [September 19, 2015, Saturday]
B&B Rooms -- Venice Marco Polo Airport -- Air France -- Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport -- Norte Dame de Paris --  Souviners -- Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Tax Refund

Day 11 [September 20, 2015, Sunday]
Air France 777-200 -- Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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  1. Wah, your friend so berani, bought your air tickets jor, then only remind you of the trip? Wow.. Pictures look like postcard leh, nice wor.. Wah, I still think it must be very chi-kek leh, buy tickets liao only tell you about the trip, and she will do all the homework, you just pack and be there only, nice leh...

    1. Hahaha, she did that because she knows me well, I guess not many people can do that, and also not many people has that financial issues, hahaha....

  2. 哇,原來你纔是名副其實的空中飛人!!!

    BYW, 你的手帳畫得好美啊!!

    1. 我还想去美国,嘻嘻,是很贪心,不过那才是我很想到的地方哦。

  3. wah so happy leh to Italy, Vatican and Paris woh.. reminds me of my visits in 1998 and 2009, I want to go again!!! hahaha~~

    actually good that you have friend who 先斬後奏 else also dunno when you will be able to materialize your plans already lah, haha!! good that your friend doesn't mind to plan the trip, nice right having such a friend, haha!! and also she lets you choose Venice to do research, at least you felt involved and not left out.. :)

    I supposed this is just a preview post and you will have many many more posts coming.. looking forward to the beautiful photos :)

    1. Faster plan plan, you sure can go again, hahaha! Yup, maybe learn from my friend, buy ticket first, then sure would go!

      Yea, you're so know my style, this's just a preview so next time when I missed out something, I can refer back to this.

    2. Yeah! Yeah! SK Thambee better bring Anay along!

  4. 我也在奇怪怎么不选梵蒂冈?哈哈!!


    1. 哈哈哈,因为我的地理不够好,我不知道梵蒂冈就在罗马里面,哈哈哈!


  5. Having Mika as a friend, you are sure lucky. Hahaha..... So good of her to arrange everything

  6. Wahhhhh you went to Murano and Burano! Syok lah!!!

    But ah, why so little of Paris? You've been to Paris before?

    1. Because I only transit in Paris, that place I would definitely go again!

  7. 小影快快更新你的欧洲游记"益"一下我哈哈, 明年打算去欧洲, 有好多是我没听过的名字也

  8. 你今年是旅游年啊啊啊!!!!!!飞好多个地方!
    而且还有MIKA帮你张罗行程,真的少烦恼了很多,真幸福 *想当初我整个焦头烂脑的*

    1. 有測底嗎? 哈哈哈,我還想去多一次,是自己一個人去的,嘻嘻!

  9. 手帐好美♡
    而且照片拍得超像明信片的~ 去了好多地方喔!

    1. 嘻嘻,謝謝! 我希望陸續有來哦!

  10. Wow! So you have been to Italy and back. Can't wait to read all your posts about your trip in detail.

    1. It's gonna be freaking long and detail, you know my style, hahaha...

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  12. 趁年轻不停出走吧!我非常支持!游历的不仅仅是世界,也是自己的见闻。去欧洲说走就走,你非常洒脱呢!!

    1. 謝謝妳的支持,我喜歡這樣說走就走,假如早早訂好,我一定沒有那個力氣。

  13. 好羡慕你可以出走到欧洲。

  14. 俩人组合旅游就能随心所欲走哪儿都容易,毕竟有一个伴也安全

    1. 哈哈哈,一个人就很冒险刺激! =] 

  15. What a pleasant surprise to hear that you went to Europe! Your photos are all sharp and lovely like postcards. Please blog more!!! I am waiting to see......getting my soda & pop corns ready now.

    1. Hahaha, okay! After the KLIA one, then KLM, then Amsterdam Airport Schiphzl then should start immediately, hehe!!

  16. 哇!!!~好羡慕你啊!!~ 可以来个说走就走的欧洲旅游。

    By the way,照片好美。期待你更多的游记分享。^^

    1. 有夢一定會成真,只要肯努力,相信有一天一定會實現!

  17. 哇,今年飞了好多国家!!!
    “旅行从来不作功课” 你很潇洒!! 是我的话就不能了,就很怕错过必走必玩的地方啊
    期待你欧洲游记 ^^

    1. 哈哈哈,懶人就是這樣。。。況且我真的沒有那個時間哦!

  18. 一直以来没有游览BLOG的习惯 

    P.S.我有那么的先斩后奏吗? 哈哈 ...


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