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Sunday, May 19, 2013

【Cultural|文化】Sarawak Cultural Village|沙勞越文化村

May 19, 2013, Sunday
Done with breakfast! So the plan now is go look for another attraction before they leave Kuching. Since we've a car, we planned to go somewhere further but not too far of course, afraid that we might not make it on time for their flight.
吃過早餐,我們出發到另一個景點。 朋友説既然我們有車,所以可以去比較遠一點的地方,但當然也不要太遠,免得讓我另一班朋友耽誤了上飛機的時間。

Actually I do realized I didn’t get to visit the place much if I was visiting with friends. For an example like this, after other breakfast, my friends said want to go to the cultural village, so we follow the GPS (or should say is WAZE) to get there.
這是一個我幾乎沒有什麽逛到的地方,因爲朋友們不怎麽感興趣,所以我們很快的就離開了。 至於如何到達,那很簡單,衹要跟著WAZE的指路就能夠到達了,這個地方在古晉并不陌生,基本上也不會迷路到哪裏去。。。

Pay the entrance fee, then we start to enter. Don't know how much is the entrance fee, but check it online here it's RM60 for adults and RM30 for children.
停車車子,我們就下車買入門票準備入場。 入門票多少這個我真的沒有多餘的記錄,但是從網上得來的資料是成人60零吉,小孩30零吉。

From the map, it can tell it has much to see, but don’t know why it wasn’t much to see and my the other friends weren’t that enjoy it and plan to leave early.

✈5   Bamboo Bridge
✈10   Bidayuh Longhouse
✈11   Inside of the Bidayuh Longhouse
✈12   Inside of the Bidayuh Longhouse
✈13   Melanau Tall House
This totally a failed post, not because it has been too long, is I've missing lots of picture here where include all the descriptions are. Now I gonna say I wish to go again to walking around slowly, as we were on a rush, so I didn't get to see any native dance or show at all. And part of the reason is because my friends found it quite bored so we left early. Across the road of the cultural village, can see a large Hornbill – ‘Burung Kenyalang’ in Malay or Burung Enggang in Iban is cast as the latest landmark in Damai Central, Santubong, Kuching. The statue stands at 7 meter high and the wings spanning 9 meter wide.
很多人都説我寫東西都寫得過於的詳細,一天可以有十多篇以上的博文,但這一篇,我還真的徹底的失敗,不僅是因爲太久的關係,也是因爲我遺失很多照片,讓我無法完整的寫出來。 相信這個地方我是必須再探訪的地方,好讓我慢慢的再逛一逛。 在文化村的馬路對面,有著這隻很大一隻的犀鳥,7米高,翼長9米。

Due to lack of pictures, everything seems boring here, but I do found this is interesting, from the sea in front barely can see something like a pirate ship, this is so cool. (oh, no...transportation again?)

Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai Beach Resort, 93762 Kuching, Malaysia.
9am - 5pm
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  1. 可能你遗失了很多照片,让我看到不值得RM60入门的一面。。。
    但是我喜欢看这类型的culture village...可以看到当地的文化。

    1. 其實裏面真的很多東西看,尤其是帶小孩子去,肯定可以學到很多東西。

  2. Not bad... Go walk walk relax also nice... ;)

  3. I guess you will see more if you went to the cultural village on your own as your friends were just not interested in the things shown.

  4. 你有没有爬上去那栋高屋呢?哈哈哈哈,从上面看下来是不同的视野


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