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Saturday, May 18, 2013

【Street|街道】Attap Street Lunch|亞答街午餐

May 18, 2013, Saturday
Picture of the street name, I know we don't write the blog post immediately so the first thing to do is to take picture of the street, so you can refer back later. Isn't it a great way to record things?

Done hostel, time to head for lunch. As I said the hostel is quite near to the Sarawak river, so we expect should be something good to eat around.
這是在我們的地方隔幾條街,完全不會走的我,是跟著美玲的步伐的,因爲她有來到這裡出差,而她公司就在這裡附近(而且明明就是來遊玩,她還跟我說她要進去公司裏面看看,你這個是真的那麽愛工作嗎? )

And such an coincidence, I accidentally met my uni friend here, he was just back to his hometown for visit on that weekend. What a small world, we were just walking around to look for any food to eat, then I saw someone so familiar, I bump up to him, and of course he was on a shock also.
每次說世界說小不小,說大不大,我就在這裡遇到了我大學的朋友,他剛好回來家鄉。 對,他是古晉人! 我當時還在想“怎麽這個背影這麽熟悉?” 果真他也同樣被嚇倒,話説我大學的后兩年都沒有什麽跟他來往了,所以真的很想久違不見的朋友般。

As usual I sit there and wait for MeiLing go look for the food. Because she has great sense in food. Then she saw lots of people this satay, and not just one, is like few plates in advanced. Thus we gave try and we loved it so much. To have another plate? That's for sure.
跟很熟悉出來的好處就是她都會幫我點餐,一來因爲她很會吃,二來因爲我很懶惰,哈哈哈! 看到很多人點的沙爹,美玲說這個應該會不錯,因爲她看到隔壁桌的,都是幾碟幾碟來的。 而當我們嘗試后,我們的確也很喜歡,所以也另外再叫都一碟。




  1. Attap Street? You mean Carpenter Street? And that very nice pork satay place is what people there call Law Ya Keng? Some very nice stuff there, good place to go to in search of good food in Kuching.

  2. Oh yes, you are right, usually I will just snap pictures of the street name/shop name, then I don't have to remember so much, haha.. The prawn mee at #14 looks good, I can have 2 bowls!

    1. Prawn mee? That looks like Kuching/Sarawak laksa to me.

  3. of course must take photo lah when go travel, but in my case I must write the post immediately lor, else after more than two years even with the photos I may not be able to remember things also.. uncle old already, memory not so good, haha!!!

  4. so Mei Ling is a 食家?? the food looked very nice, satay and the must-try Sarawak Laksa.. and what is that bowl in picture #13??

  5. Smart move, girl! Yes, I also take gambar first before I forget...

  6. 感觉东马的华人茶餐室很流行喝三色奶茶、泡沫奶茶。。。16那张如果少了点灯柱子,还真像国外的画面。

  7. Photos are a great way of capturing memories. Your friend must be very surprise to see you in his hometown. You both must have yau yuen.

  8. I have visited Kuching twice and didn't see all these nice places like you. My hosts took me elsewhere less interesting! I love their food very much ~ all the hawkers I mean.


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