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Saturday, May 18, 2013

【Flight|飛行】KL to Kuching|吉隆坡到古晉

May 18, 2013, Saturday
Is the RM 60 to Kuching flight, always glad that I was be able to take the window seat and it's a must for me every flight, no matter how long or how short the distance is (what? troublesome to get out to the toilet, that's nothing, as long as the sky outside is pretty everything just worthy)
從吉隆坡的到古晉RM 60的飛機票是非常的值得的。慶幸的我可以選到窗口的位置,不管長途還是短途,我最喜歡窗口的位子,因為我要拍天空。 對於進出的不方便之處,那也只是佔據一點點時間而已(嘿,但是拉肚子的話,那就另算!)

Like I was planned earlier, went to MeiLing's house to pick her up then take her to have my favorite breakfast, this's the hawker I guess only Jinjang people would know. Because it doesn't have any big banner as to promote their stall, usually only the "local" people know this place to eat. Back days, my mom took me there every Monday for breakfast when she went to morning market. And few months back while I was still working for my dad, I will go there request two packs of this dray kway tiao with wantons away, one for my third older sister and one for me every Thursday. (Just because so they recognized me, and they always give very big portion to me =D or maybe I should take a picture of MeiLing's noodle to make a comparison. She asked "Why we ordered the same thing, but yours seems so big portion? Even with the same price??)
到美玲家載了她,就到我平時愛吃的檔口面吃早餐,這可是我當時每個星期都會吃一次的檔口啊,就連賣麵的阿姨都認得我,所以每次都會給我很多麵(即使是相同的價錢)美玲每次都說“為什麼你的會比我的大碗?” 。。。

As mentioned earlier, we couldn't make it to the KTM station, my second older sister make an offer take us to 1U bus station instead. Oh ya, thanks to her fierce and great driving skill, we managed to get there on time and even earlier...o.O
早餐後就必須趕快回我家,讓我二姐載我到火車站,我們打算是搭火車到吉隆坡中央車站然後載搭巴士去機場。但是我們遲了,所以二姐就索性把我們載到萬達廣場的巴士站,因為那邊也有直通巴士到吉隆坡廉價機場。 多謝我二姐的驚人駕車技術,我們很即時的趕到,買了巴士票,坐上車內,我們才安心下來。

Got the bus ticket then look for the bus, it was just right in front of us. Doesn't have any specify number seats, so we can sit anywhere we want.

We chose last three row counted from the back seat, as I don't like to sit in front, I guess back seat is the best for no reason =.=! Have some photos first before depart is a must thing to do for nowadays, right?
還沒開車,先來幾張自拍照,好讓剛才緊張的情緒安定下來。 我是一位緊張大師,小小事情都可以很緊張,然後一緊張又會做錯事,所以現在都會說要冷靜,要冷靜!

Finally the bus was ready to go, the driver start to check the ticket and tear the other half apart (Was it the driver? Not sure, maybe is a staff from the bus company)

Departing from 1U (I always drive pass by here, but never sit in such a high position to see the view outside, what I gotta say is...when you're driving, you definitely have no time to enjoy the side view outside the windows, right?)

We were so closed, after the toll and we're almost there. Yup, it was the old time LCCT (please, not to mentioned how long this post was, but just enjoy, okay?)

Check in with no luggage, as we pack everything with us onboard. While waiting for the flight, MeiLing and I each has a pack of nasi lemak, that we bought it nearby to the noodles hawker this morning, but the taste seriously wasn't that good...and I've no idea why I don't have a picture of it lo.
為了實踐知識六十令吉的機票,我們把所有的行李的帶在身上,同時也可以控制我們不帶很多東西。 很快的登記後,我們找個位子坐下來吃完我們在早餐的麵檔賣的椰漿飯(不是很好吃的飯,他們應該專心賣麵就好)

Yes, here we're! We were finally onboard, not a very long flight, each of us grab some nap as save up some energy and also part of it was we woke up so early in the morning to get everything done as planned.

Woke up in the middle of deep sleep, we were been told is already touch down. Wish the flight is longer, so we get rest more. Watch up the sky brighten up the mood, it will be a great start of the day in Kuching!
小睡後起身,我們就順利的到達目的地。 這是我第一次抵達東海岸的機場,美玲因為工作的關係,時不時都會飛古晉,所以對她來說一點都不陌生。 這麼晴朗的天空為我們打開了第一天的旅程!

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  1. 60块很便宜也! 之前我飞都要200多一趟
    我和你一样是紧张大师, 每次紧张就深呼吸, 让自己冷静哈哈。 期待你的游记哦

  2. wah so nice huh?? before flying still can go enjoy a bowl of nice nice noodles, until you underestimated the time needed to get to KLIA2!! good that you have your sister with great driving skills to get you there in time, hehehe~~

  3. Nice getaway.. Wah, good leh, can go eat nice nice b4 go travel, got sister fetch timm.. Syiok !!

  4. 好便宜的机票~
    在这经济不景气的当儿,cuti cuti Malaysia真的也不错。

  5. 哇,RM60.00,真的很便宜!


    1. 那是兩年前的事,現在應該沒有了!


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