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Saturday, May 18, 2013

【Transport|交通】About the Car Rent in Kuching|古晉租车记

May 18, 2013, Saturday
Actually I don't have many photos in my Kuching trip compare to now...Yup, now means recently the one, the Europe trip costs me almost  28GB memory storage, of course there're some videos inside.
看回我以前拍的照片,原來我真的沒有拍很多,因為相比較起現在,現在的簡直是破了我的記錄,那個歐洲之旅竟然有28GB。 看到時候,我的眼睛頓時瞪大了起來。

I did a little research about Kuching I go, since the public transport wasn't so convenient there. After discuses with MeiLing, we decided to rent a car from the airport for our 3 days 2 nights trip.
話說這麼久了,能夠憑記憶寫出來還真的是靠照片寫罷了。 慶幸的是美玲有超強的記憶,能夠幫我拼上記憶的拼圖。

Great that she still remember the price of it, is been two years ago though... But she forgot which car rent company that we got from the airport, the only car left at that moment is BLM Proton Saga, RM 600 for deposit then RM 130 per day.
出發前研究過古晉的公共交通好像沒有什麼方便,所以我建議就在機場租一輛3天2夜的車。 當時僅剩的車就只有BLM Proton Saga罷了,所以我們也沒有多做選擇就選了這輛。 不過首先我們必須付RM600的抵押金,然後一天的租金是RM130。

Since I was still holding a P license so I couldn't be the driver, so everything is book under MeiLing's name and luckily she has a driving license with her.
事前美玲本來還很開心,她來到這裡可以不用駕車了,可以當乘客。 但誰知道,他們需要一位有正式車牌的人駕駛才可以,而我當時才持有P牌。。。所以她又再被迫的當我的司機。

So by that I'm super free and be a relax passenger at the side taking selfie, with the glasses or without the glasses?? I guess with the glasses is better because my eyes is too small.

Indeed she looks very tired here and complain why got to drive every time... tata, no choice, I can't anything about it, unless you want me illegal driving there? Better not to take the risk.
而她看起來很累,因為她說我太早叫她起來了,她不夠睡,然後又要駕車,真是幸苦你了。。。沒辦法啦! 莫非妳要我非法駕駛?

Is been so good for the passed two days, same as like KL is free and easy go anywhere with your own car. Just need to spend some time to look for a parking spot.
第一天還算順利的,沒有太多車,可能是週末的關係吧。 加上我們是自駕,所以要去哪裡都可以。 就好像在吉隆坡一樣,但是這裡沒有像吉隆坡那樣多車。。。但是這裡很多交通圈(這是美玲說的)。。。

Until the third day morning, saw this under the wiper. If can see the time clearly from the picture, they came around 2.45 am. Yes!! Is am, in the morning...didn't know Kuching's policemen is so hardworking, give out the the ticket middle of night. Indeed we're wrong because we parked motorcycle spot, that's because we couldn't get one while we were back last night, so we have no choice to park there.
以為一切順利,誰知道在第三天的早上,我們發現到這張罰單。 注意看上面的時間,竟然是半夜兩點四十五分,古晉的警察真勤勞啊。。。 不過這的確是我們的錯,因為我們遲回來了,找不到位子泊車,所以將車停放在電單車的位子上(但誰會料到警察會半夜來抄罰單啊?)

Then late day in the evening, we got another one nearby downtown area, where we stopped by to buy kuih lapis. But we definitely don't know that we got to pay for this. So we stopped by the parking counter to pay for this, is only RM 0.55, very acceptable.

After that we depart to Kuching airport, we told the lady who working at the car renter there we got a ticket for park at the wrong place, she took our RM 300, she said she need that to pay for the ticket, then she kept another RM 300, that's for checking whether we got another ticket or not. If don't, she will wire the money back to us.

A week later, MeiLing received a call from the lady, she said we got another speed track ticket, so the RM 300 already got paid to the ticket and no more refund to us.

Later on, MeiLing discussed this with her friends. They said we got cheated by the lady already, usually as car renter company, they would get discount from the officer or something, won't necessary get to pay the exact same amount as we usual do. 

Story ended here.....so did we really got cheat? We don't know...you tell me!
第一張還沒解決。。。我們再得第二張,這是因為我們停車去古晉市區買Kuih Lapis時候中的。因為我們不知道要付停車位錢,所以再中第二張罰單,不過那只是付回該付的停車費就可以了。

所謂“無三不成禮”。。。我們去到機場將第一張罰單交給租車公司。 她說那張罰單要RM300,所以我們的抵押金只剩RM300,但是她說要查看我們還有沒有中罰單,假設查了後是沒有中,她會將那剩餘RM300的匯給我們。

回去後一個星期,美玲接到他們電話,她說我們中了一張超速的罰單,所以那RM300沒有得拿回。 真的是那麼衰?? 說真的,到底有沒有中,我們都不知道。。。



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  1. Muahahahaha!!!! Sure was a "fine" trip to Kuching eh?

  2. Cheated or not dunno lah, but definitely fishy. The lady should show you proof of that other saman. If got ticket and payment, sure got receipt one ma...

    Last time I went to Kuching to attend wedding, the groom took care of car rentals for us, the moment we arrive at the airport got 5 cars waiting for us outside. RM 80 per day for a Wira.

    1. Yah lo, lessen learned this time and be smart in the future

  3. Now so long already, won't be able to know cheated or not. Just that next time ask them for receipt.

    1. Yea, that's for sure, just hope we stupid one time is enough, not more than that


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