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Friday, May 03, 2013

【Throwback|重温】April 2013

April 1, 2013 Monday
Happy April Fool --> Happy April Fool!!! Did you get played??? I didn't!!! Maybe because it's Monday and I didn't get to go out and hangout with my friends!!! =] |愚人节快乐!!! 又被作弄到吗??? 我没有!!! 因为我都待在家里,又没有遇见任何人所以我很幸运的没有被作弄到!!!   =]

April 2, 2013 Tuesday
Post Office --> Make a birthday card for @LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h and it took me forever just to send a card in the post office!!! =[ | 在邮政局待傻了,因为自己的粗心让自己状况连连!!!   =[

April 3, 2013, Wednesday
Ip Man: The Final Fight 《葉問:終極一戰》 --> Watched this movie with my friend!!! He just want to  a watch a movie out of sudden!!! This movie is fine with me, but he and a lot of movie were saying it's suck because the main actor is not Donnie Yen. =[ |我觉得这部电影不错,但是很多人都说它不好看因为不是甄子丹演的!!!   =]

Unexpected!!! --> Was down for pass few days that being alone. I know I'm kind of tough sometimes but doesn't mean that I won't have lonely feeling at all!!! =[ |在家发呆乱想东西,表面很强悍,但是也是有脆弱的时候!!!   =[

April 4, 2013, Thursday
Bar B Q Plaza --> Before movie, I have a dinner at Bar B Q Plaza with one my high school girl's friend!!! =] |电影前去和中学女生朋友在Bar B Q Plaza吃晚餐!!!   =]

Saving General Yang《忠烈楊家將》 --> A lame Chinese movie, gotta say the story is good, but the sad thing is everyone died in the end, and the silly things is the actor alive in end is not an actor that's really good acting, and feel bad to those other so called "main actor" but some of them just dead without saying a single dialog in the movie!!! =[ |不喜欢看全部主角死完的电影,最烂的就是留下一个花瓶做最重要最主要的主角!!!   =[

April 5, 2013, Friday
TGIF --> A night hangout with my friend at The Scott Garden. We played pool and a online gambling game. Yup!!! I lose in the pool games and my friend lose his money in the online gambling game too.  =] |朋友带我去了新地方。我们玩了桌球,朋友告诉我玩线上赌博的游戏。我桌球输了,他在那线上游戏也没有赢钱!!!   =]

April 6, 2013 Saturday
Specialize for PARENTS!!! --> Read something interesting and meaningful article about how should you teach and treat your children from the newspaper and I just feel like I have to share this to the rest!!! =] |在报章上读到一篇非常同意的写作,觉得一定要分享个每一位父母!!!   =]

Some Snacks @ 1U --> Went and meet up my high school girl's friend at 1U and we bought some snacks to eat!!! =] |去1U见我中学的女生朋友,我们吃一些零食!!!   =]

Euro Fun Park --> With the same friend, she succeeded to convince me to go fun fair with her!!! Because I don't really like to go fun fair!!! =] |很好,同样的这个中学朋友成功的说服我陪她去游乐场玩,因为我对游乐场真的没有什么起劲!!!   =]

Supper @ Jinjiang --> After fun fair, we headed back to Jinjiang to have a supper, actually we didn't have a proper dinner, I bet our dinner is the snacks at 1U, that's why we turned very hungry and got to have supper!!! =] |刚才完全是什么都没有吃,半夜当然肚子会饿,所以就回去增江去宵夜!!!   =]

April 7, 2013 Sunday

Morning Jogging --> Glad that I managed to wake up in the morning to have a short run!!! =] |很开心我又成功的早起去晨运!!!   =]

Recycling Collection Point @ Tzu Chi --> Met my eldest sister in the morning and so I just feel like joining her to do some volunteer stuff too, so there you go!!! =] |这么巧的大姐来我家被她看到,所以就顺一顺,应酬一下去了慈济的环保站帮忙分类垃圾!!!   =]

My Personal Health Profile --> After left my health report over at the clinic there, finally I went over and took it back, glad that my health is quite good just that need to take Hepatitis B S Antibody immunization!!! =] |拿到了我的身体检查报告,报告不错只是需要打个抗B型肝炎针!!!  =]

Ghost Child 《鬼仔》 --> A ghost movie, seriously is hard to get someone to watch ghost movie with me, because not many people like to watch ghost movie, so got to thanks to my high school girl's friend's friend willing to watch with me, because he love to watch ghost movie too!!! =[ |找到了我中学的女生朋友的朋友陪我看鬼戏! 电影没有很恐怖,感觉还好,只是觉得很邪恶!!!   =[

April 8, 2013, Monday
About Me --> Out of topic to write so I just write about 15 facts about me to understand my goodness and my weaknesses!!! =] |没有题目写了,所以就写写自己!!! 很自恋,我知道!!!   =]

April 9, 2013, Tuesday
Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up --> My favorite female rock star, Avril Lavigne!!! Her newest song is out on this date!!! =] |我最爱的艾薇儿出新歌啦!!! 当然是要分享,分享一下!!!   =]

April 10, 2013, Wednesday
Flight Ticket to Kuching --> Happily bought a flight ticket to Kuching of route trip for Rm60!!! Can't wait to go for a trip!!! =] |用了六十块买了古晋来回机票,非常便宜!!! 期待,期待!!!   =]

April 11, 2013, Thursday
Dinner @ PappaRich --> Dinner with my uni's girl's friend at PappaRich!!! =] |晚餐和我大学的一个女生朋友吃,在PappaRich吃!!!   =]

Oblivion --> Watched this movie because I got attract to its movie trailer, just called up my friend to watch with me, but the story might be too scientific so I doesn't really like it!!! =] |拉我朋友去看这部电影,太过科幻的电影,没有很喜欢,但是我朋友却觉得它很不错!!!  =]

April 12, 2013, Friday

It's Friday!!! --> It's Friday, my friend and I just grab some drinks and walked around 1U and chitchat along. After that we headed to Sunway Giza to walk around and end up sit at Station one to have a late night, fat dessert which is ice cream!!! =] |星期五,我和朋友在1U各买了一支酒在1U外到处走走,过后去了Sunway Giza,然后在Station One坐下聊天加吃冰淇淋!!!   =]

April 13, 2013, Saturday
Morning Run --> Able to wake up in the morning to have a short morning run!!! =] |又是成功的一天早起去运动!!!   =]

Handmade Card from @LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h --> Is a delighted for me that I have received a handmade card from @LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h!!! =] |收到了@LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h亲手做的卡片,谢谢,谢谢!!!   =]

Saturday Night --> Was a fun night out with my childhood friend and her college's girl's friends at The Butter Factory!!! =] |与我小时候的玩伴,还有她的大学同学到The Butter Factory!!!   =]

April 14, 2014, Sunday
The Host --> Well, played to harsh last night, got hangover on the next day, but glad that got better at night so I went to watch this movie by myself!!! Got to say that, beside the "Chrome" car, the movie wasn't cool at all!!! =[ |前天玩得太疯癫,第二天昏昏的,到了晚上才回过神来,所以一个人跑了去看这电影!!! 它不是很好看,最好看的只有它里面的车而已!!!   =[

April 15, Monday

Yayasan Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi (Cawangan KL & Selangor) --> All of my siblings except my brother, we're busy with this things...Gosh!!! =[ |忙得不可开交,忙什么??? 我大姐对慈济的热血,慈济工作做不完,变得我们几个姐妹要帮忙她!!!   =[

April 16, Tuesday

3 DEAD IN TERROR ATTACK --> The sad news ever!!! Freaking retarded or stupid, whatever bad words that I would like to call the terrorists, they're just simple kill innocent peoples in a Marathon in Boston!!! =[ |讨人厌,没良心的恐怖份子在波士顿马来松的赛事场上放炸弹,很生气的发文骂了一顿!!!   =[

April 17, Wednesday

Fight Hunger --> Promotion about fight hunger!!! Keep good things up!!! =] |鼓励大家参与饥饿三十的活动!!!   =]

April 18, Thursday
French --> This is about why that I love to learn this beautiful language, French!!! =] |分享我最爱的法语!!!   =]

THANKS to Joyce Mong --> Got limited edition signature from Taiwan famous author from Joyce Mong!!! =] |谢谢Joyce Mong送我的签名版!!!   =]

April 19, Friday
Lotus --> Saw a handsome, cool car on the way back home!!! =] |在回家的路上看到一辆超帅超酷的车,忍不住拍了下来!!!   =]

Long Weekend --> Successfully drag my friend to watch horror movie with me, but it wasn't that scary!!! =] |成功的拉了我朋友陪我看鬼戏,因为他都不敢看!!!! 电影不赖,女主角很美,没有很恐怖!!!   =]

Friday Night --> After the movie, so is up to have some happy hour thing for Friday!!! =] |电影过后就是星期五的节目了!!!   =]

April 20, Saturday
Charity Night --> What a meaningful night by giving some food and drinks to the beggars at KL!!! =] |有意义的夜晚,我们到吉隆坡派食物和水给乞丐!!!   =]

April 21, Sunday

Golf --> First time joined my friend to play golf, it was fun!!! =] |第一次打高尔夫球,很好玩!!!   =]

Spotlite Magazine --> Subscribe to this magazine and I get to have two free movie tickets every month!!! =] |签了这个杂志,它最吸引我的地方就是每个月都要免费的两张戏票!!!   =]

The Curve --> Hanging out around the curve with my friends!!!  =] |过后就到The Curve走走!!!   =]

April 22, Monday
THANKS to Sherry --> Specially thanks to Sherry by giving me this wonderful lotion!!! =] |谢谢Sherry的lotion!!!   =]

THANKS EVERYONE!!! --> Specially write this just to thanks every bloggers that gimme awesome comment on my Friday Night on April 19!!! I really appreciate it!!! =] |谢谢大家的评论,我有如受宠若惊的感觉!!!   =]

April 23, Tuesday

Pray for Sichuan, Wien --> Terrible earthquake happened in Sichuan, Wien just wanted to gather everyone to pray for them!!! =[ |四川的地震,大家为它祈祷吧!!!   =[

April 24, Wednesday

Thanks to ColourlessOpinions.com --> Won two free French movie tickets from Giveaway: Free tickets to catch FAFF 2013 movies! Guess what!!! End up I gave these two tickets to my friend who is currently interested in a French girl to let him has a chances to invite her for a movie, how nice I am!!! ByeBye to my free movie tickets!!! =[ |很幸运的赢了法国电影戏票,结果拿去给我朋友去追他正有兴趣的法国女生,我也太好了吧! 他追女生干我什么事??? 这么好心。。。自己没有免费戏票咯!!!   =[

April 25, Thursday

Crazy Traffic, Crazy Driver --> First time in my life took two hours to get home, crazy traffic jam!!! =[ |这么短的路程,第一次用了两个小时才到家!!!   =[

April 26, Friday

Friday!!! Friday!!! --> Dinner with my friend and end up bought a terrible red wine cause the taste was sucks!!! =[ |与我朋友吃晚餐,然后买了一直很难喝的红酒,喝到都快吐了!!!   =[

April 27, Saturday

SingYing! Rest In Peace --> Worst day in April, my junior has passed away!!! She's just 23 years old, she still has a long journey to go in her life, how could this happened!!! =[ |四月中最坏的一天,得知我中学的一个学妹身亡了,才二十三岁,人生才刚开始就结束了,人生无常!!!   =[

Sad Saturday Night --> Due to things happened in day time, so I wasn't in the mood on Saturday night!!! =[ |早上发生的事还没有消化,晚上都没有好到那里去!!!   =[

April 28, Sunday

Golf --> Played golf again with my friends and I'm addicted to this game!!! =] |再去玩高尔夫球,我开始爱上这个运动!!!   =]

My New Watch --> After been so long, finally deicide to buy this!!! =] |想了很久,终于买了我看了很久的手表!!!   =]

Iron Man 3 --> Watched this amazing movie with my friends!!! This movie is so freaking awesome, I'm looking forward to watch second time, man!!! =] |看了久违的电影,好看极了,想要看第二次!!!   =]

Morning Run Summary of the Week --> Make a summary about my morning jogging schedule of the week, I failed!!! I just able to wake up on Monday only!!! =[ |晨运的总结,我只是星期一起得来跑步,失败,失败!!!   =[

April 29, Monday

Surprise Gift from my Friend --> A surprise gift from my friend. Thanks a lot, man!!! It did surprise me!!! =] |朋友的惊喜礼物,谢谢了!!!   =]

April 30, Tuesday
WAKE UP! Malaysian Rapper United (Namewee / Ashtaka / 5Forty2)  --> Just want to share this video to support the election on this coming Sunday!!! =] |大家都说的投票,不多说就分享这个作为一点点的支持!!!   =]

SaSa --> Bought some beauty, makeup stuff top up from Sasa!!! =] |美妆产品都是时候补货了!!!   =]

Zouk --> Is labour day on the next day!!! What to do??? Headed down to Zouk!!! =] |劳动节的放假,当然是要去玩咯,就去了Zouk!!!   =]

Finally finished this!!!
This took me so long to finish it!!!
Just want to say Thanks to whoever always take couple of minutes to leave a comment to me!!!
I always appreciate that!!!
One little comment always enough to make my day!!!
Thanks to those who sent gifts to me,
doesn't matter I won it or what,
just want to thanks you guys to take some time to send it to me!!! =]

Summary of movie on April!!!
The best movie goes to Iron Man 3!!!
The worst movie for me is Saving General Yang《忠烈楊家將》!!!

Have a great day!!!
即使小小的,大大的,我要谢谢你们提出心思来寄给我!!!   =]

最好看的一定是非Iron Man 3莫属!!!
各人觉得最烂的就是Saving General Yang《忠烈楊家將》一部浪费戏票的电影!!!


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  1. 小影哟,你好像很得空酱,为什么你会有酱多时间的咧?!!佩服 :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow. You wrote the summary for the whole month of April. That's so good. Next time you can refer back what's happening in April 2013.

  4. 小影啊~~

  5. Really nice Euro Fun Park , I watched Iron Man 3 and was so amazing! I want watch this movie again!


  6. Ummm...this is a round-up of all your post in April? I don;t bother doing monthly round-ups.

  7. 你的生活给我的感觉就是很充实,很赞!!

  8. 可是我觉得杨门七将还蛮好看的哈哈哈
    可能是因为有很多帅哥吧!! :D

  9. 哇,你每一天都写出来耶!
    我也看iron man了,很好笑,也不错看:D

  10. 每一天都有值得記錄的事情,好棒啊!

  11. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by. April seemed like a great and eventful month!

  12. 写了一个月的日记!好棒

  13. 看到你写zouk,我整个心都活跃了起来,我很久没去了!!!!我需要relax啦!!!!


  14. 那个辣椒板面,好吸引人啊~~!!

  15. wow, what a nice recap of the previous month!! hahaha, so are you suggesting that we can drop by just once in a month and we can know what actually had happened?? :D

  16. @CSL没有很得空啦,每个人都有同样的24小时,看怎么用而已!!! 因为51的放假我才有时间写,而且还写了两天,慢慢的写很快就写完啦!!! =]

  17. @@LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h我也是很懒啦,只是因为51放假,所以有机会咯!!! =]

  18. @SakurankoMe too, I'm planing to watch the second time too!! =]

  19. @suituapuiHahaha!!! I always want to do this as a simple review!!! =]

  20. @宅妈还好嘢,我只是每天一直找东西写而已!!! =]
    我五月十八日去古晋!!! =]
    可以去买啊,我在1U的Aeon买的,可能附近的Aeon应该也会有吧!!! =]

  21. @Yoong Sin哈哈哈,我已经过了专看帅哥的岁数了(人老了就是这样)所以只是看演技,就觉得它不好看!!! =]

  22. @xiao P 笑屁没有很勤劳啦,我是个懒得不能再懒的懒惰虫,只是硬必自己做的!!! =]

  23. @小鎮姑娘会很年轻吗??? 我觉得我很老了嘢,90和00的都快追过来了!!! =]

  24. @Vachel谢谢!!! 我也是由于很久才买的,而且还要刻意等到有15%折扣的时候买的!!! =]

  25. @min~aris对呀,艾丽丝真的超有心思的!!! =]

  26. @[SK]Hahaha!!! Maybe!!! I was just trying to make a review for myself!!! =]


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