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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

【Summary|總結】No matter how much I planed, things always intervenes

May 21, 2013, Tuesday

Before start post anything about my Kuching trip, I would like to write a review for it first. Since everything had happened in life, I always get to know that no matter how much I planned, things always intervenes, so I always add in a lot of backup plan for it!!!
1. I have arrange my schedule nicely and pretty sure there's more than enough time for it to cover everything, who knows, it's still out of my plan, luckily my second older sister managed to send me to 1U to take the bus, because we had missed the train, and all of us in KL noticed this KTM is damn slow, you got to expect it'll be late and some accident happen. Moreover that's one of friend told me that KTM is stand for "Kura-Kura Turtle Malaysia", yup, it's just so slow!!!

2. Both of us brought more than enough money for this trip!!! Guess what, not yet even stepped out from the airport, we were out of cash because we have to use the money to pay for the deposit of the rental car!!! We've tried to take some cash from the ATM machine in the airport, unfortunately it's out of cash... So basically the ATM machine is just for decoration???

3. Supposed to take a river cruise with the other group of friends, but they're still at Bako National Park, so we can't take the river cruise together!!!

4. At night we headed to one of the famous bar in town, we ordered three towers of beer, my high school girl's friend have to drive so she doesn't drink much, so just left four of us, doesn't count me in, there's three guys, the other two is fine, just one...he vomited since that night till the next morning and because of him we got to postpone all of our  schedules to after noon!!! Doesn't really understand what's the point to show off how much you can drink, for this type of guys, I'll just showed this =.=!!! face to them!!!

5. There's a lot of roundabouts, and their roundabouts are quite huge, can you imagine that it's huge enough to build some houses on it. Moreover the way they drive very smooth, not like us, as everyone of us noticed that the way we drive in KL is quite scary, rushing all the time!!!

6. A mystery cat museum. Followed the waze app, it drove us to this building, from this building I can't see any it stated it as a cat museum, what we saw is four huge letter as "DBKU"!!! DBKU??? All of us  were thinking that is this a place to pay for summon??? I tried to search it online, it showed this building too, but it's just doesn't like a cat museum, so end up we gave up!!! Guess what, I asked my friend later on, she told me the cat museum is just right inside the DBKU building!!! What!!! =[

7. Doesn't really know how should I called them, but they're the people who gave parking summon. What I want to say is...they're so hardworking!!! Before we grab our rental car, the aunty did tell us that is very easy to get parking summon on weekdays, so we expect that this officer will start working in the morning, because we parked at motor parking area, well because there's no motor park there and there're couple of cars already parked there. But apparently they are not start working in the morning, the time stated on the parking summon ticket is 0245...what??? That's just Sunday midnight, yup maybe you can say that's considered Monday morning...but it's just unexpected...because of this ticket we got to say byebye to Rm150!!!

8. There's no photo taking in the museum, I've never been to Malaysia's museum and I never know that we can't take picture in the museum!!! Yup!!! I got scolded loudly by the museum officer and everyone look at me, damn embarrassing, I was really want to run out from that place!!! Honestly, I was addicted to museum since my trip to Washington D.C trip last time, as we all know there're a lot of museums there and the most important thing, they allowed us to take pictures!!! This is my first time and my last time to visit museum in Malaysia, those things don't really look interesting to me moreover I never see there's people took any pictures of museum in Malaysia!!! The conclusion is I will never go and visit any of Malaysia's museum again!!!

9. Maybe some of you will be curious why would I want to get a postcard for you guys!!! Here is my explanations, I used to send postcard to my family and friends when I was traveling around, even in the States, when I travel around different states I always love to send a postcard to my family and my friends. Who knows!!! Malaysia is not familiar with this cultural, I've been trying so hard to look for some nice postcard in Kuching, because most of it doesn't look pretty to me. Luckily end up I managed to get five moderate postcard for me. What a sad thing!!! Because I wasn't mean to get something that doesn't really satisfied my qualifications!!! =[

10. Such a long didn't take KTM!!! It do improve a lot from the outlook, it looks much more high tech and smart!!! But...it still very slow... what's the point??? Change the outlook but the interior thing as well!!! So they just dump the money to change the outlook??? Swt!!!
1. 时间明明就算得很好,非常足够的时间的给突发状况的事情发生,但是还是有本事还可以把那时间推到我的backup plan,非常不喜欢改掉我所计划的一切,还好我二姐在,直接载我去巴士站,本来是要搭KTM去KL Sentral,总所周知我们KL的KTM是非常非常地慢,等一档是需要等上很久的,所以我记得我以前朋友说过KTM的全名是“Kura-Kura Turtle Malaysia”,由此可见它是多慢的!!!

2. 本来带去的钱刚刚好,而且还有多出很多出来,谁知道还没出飞机场前钱就全部被抵押在租车费上,那还没关系,在机场有两个ATM,两个都没有钱在里面,是要怎样???

3. 和另外一边的朋友约好一起去坐船,谁知道他们爬Bako国家公园,爬不完,而且还要爬得满身大汗,还要回去冲凉,所以就错过了他们一起坐船的机会。

4. 说到这个,你应该会说这是自食其果,可是主角又不是我,不是我要这样的,话说我星期六晚上我们五个人去了古晋最著名的酒吧,点了三个Tower的啤酒。我中学的女生朋友没有什么喝因为她要驾车,所以只有我们四个,不加我在内,两个没有什么,另外一个就从晚上吐到早上,本来的计划全部都要押后到十二点后,因为他还在吐。不能喝酒不要逞强,硬要以为自己很厉害,真是无语的男生,对我来说我只会给=.=!!!这个表情给他!!!

5. 古晋的交通圈真是超多的,不是普通的多,是每一段路就一个交通圈,而且每个都非常大个,大得都可以起即间屋子的那种大。再说古晋人驾车很斯文,不像我们KL人赶死赶命,每天都很匆忙的样子。

6.  很神秘的猫博物馆,跟着waze apps去到这个地方,可是整座建筑外面写着大大个“DBKU”我们都很同声的说我是来还saman吗??? 之前在家里就已经查过它是长成怎样的,它确实长成这样,google search照片也是这样,过后才知道那个神秘的猫馆就是在这个DBKU里面!!! 浪费了很多时间,所以最后我们都没有去到!!!

7. 古晋捉parking的工作人员/警察都很勤劳,租车的时候那个aunty就说了星期一要小心,很容易被抄牌,我住的地方没有什么地方可以停泊车,但是那边就有一个可以放很多摩托车的地方,但是很明显没有什么摩托车停泊在那边,应该是说是没有一辆,然后已有两辆车放在那边,所以我们就把车放那边,谁知道就在星期日凌晨0245警察来抄牌,Rm150就这样跟我们说拜拜了!!!

8. 博物馆不可以拍照,说真的我活这么大才第一次去参观马来西亚的博物馆,原来它们是不给拍照的,说实在我确实没有看到那个提示牌,因为大多都是给拍的,还要被那个工作人员很大声地骂,还加上那些八卦的人一直往我这里看,真是丢脸都不知道丢到哪里去。说实在的我为什么会去看博物馆,原因是我在华盛顿的时候看博物馆看上瘾了,觉得博物馆非常有趣,很多东西看,最重要的是可以拍照的,谁知道这个会让我会被骂,整天下来的美好心情都被破坏,这个是我的一次也是最后一次,以后都不会再去马来西亚的博物馆,因为它也不会精彩到哪里去,想起来好像也没有看过有人拍在马来西亚博物馆的照片似的!!!

9. 其实大家有没有发觉我很奇怪说要寄明信片??? 因为啊,我每到一个国家就会寄明信片给我朋友,即使在美国到不同的州属旅行都会寄明信片回家和朋友,所以已经习惯了,万万的没有预料的是马来西亚非常不流行这个,而且找了超久才找到还勉强可以接受的明信片!!!

10. 很久没有坐KTM,看似焕然一新,看起来很高科技似的,不过还是慢得像乌龟这样,浪费时间,有外型没有内涵,他们放进去发展的钱又再这样被花掉???

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  1. 你回来啦?看来这次的出游遇到很多很多意料之外的事噢!

  2. 其实旅行真的很常会遇上无法预估的事情,我这种带着孩子旅行的,更多不可思议的事发生,每次都对自己说,阿Q一点啊。。。

  3. 那么快就回来了。看起来好像旅途不愉快哦

  4. 期待你的游记,不愉快的不要去想了,过去了,旅行有时这样的,有苦有乐

  5. 吐完口水后让我们看心旷神怡的方面吧:)

  6. 有明信片也有纪念品啊,只是没有找到喜欢的吧?

  7. 你们真的比较倒霉啊,遇到凌晨也再抄牌的人员啊~

  8. 不打紧!不打紧!下次别再带那位吐到翻的男生啰!

  9. 没事了没事了。。

  10. 變化真的很難預料的!

  11. No nice postcards in Kuching? Gee!!! I would say that is true of Sibu... All the nice postcards even here are of Kuching and elsewhere. Maybe you did not go to the right places.

    That is why when I travel, I would rather go to places where I know people who know the way around...especially to where there are the best things to eat. Not all are the same.

  12. I would say good thing you missed the river cruise - I don't think it is all that great...especially for that price. I feel it is way too expensive.

    The Cat Museum isn't much either...especially when one has to go all the way - but of course, maybe you want to drive around, sightseeing or what...ok lah. I wouldn't bother.

    The museum is ok - yup, no photographs...but people curi-curi take. Too bad you got caught.

  13. yes, i guess we should always have back-up plans..things really happen so better be prepared.

  14. 出游确实有什么意料之外的是,还好你的应变能力很好 :)

  15. Ya, sometimes we can plan all we can but still things turn out differently so all we can do is relax and go with the flow.

  16. Relax sweetie the things hapens for one reason no doubt a mistery reason but for a reason.

  17. Omigh....sounds like very bad trip leh.

    KTM???? why...I thought take ERL...

    Sounds bad a so many unexpected hiccup.

    The musuem dont have sign to say no photo allowed? the Guard so bad to embrassed you like that

  18. Got sign lah, Mamakucing.... The sign tells you to leave your camera at the counter when you go in - but small one, can smuggle in and curi2 take pictures lah.... Big DSLR, forget it lor!!!

  19. 听起来发生很多不快的事情,唉,总是会这样的,人算不如天算。
    博物馆的我也觉得很奇怪== 不过一些也是能拍照的,ktm是真的真的真的很慢!

  20. ktm是以慢而出名。还有bad service。我最不喜欢搭ktm。除非是没办法。以前旧的车厢我坐过没有冷气的。应该说是冷气坏了。我有两次的经验。很热而且有那么多人挤。最惨的还嗅到汗臭味。

  21. 我来回访了~~

  22. @小雪是超乎我相像的应变能力!!! =]

  23. @小鎮姑娘看看你的email,不介意的话我下星期就寄给你!!!=]

  24. @倩倩真是发生了很多,慢慢会上来,嘻嘻!!! =]

  25. @美云很少会苦多过乐的,嘻嘻!!! =]

  26. @CSL很快,很快,给我一点时间!!! =]

  27. @慧慧或许我是要求比较高咯,平时在国外还蛮容易找的,只是没想到马来西亚好像不是很流行!!! =]

  28. @@LIc3 s-h-i-h^s-h-i-h对呀,最好就是吃到你介绍的冰淇淋了,还有老夫子铁门拍照!!!=]

  29. @虎妈Isabell哈哈哈,我和朋友多说我们一定要一起再去多一次,不要叫他了!!! =]

  30. @【EmbeR】有享受到一点点啦,嘻嘻!!! =]

  31. @suituapuiI guess so, I did ask around but the people in shop also tell me that's what they got!!! =[
    I did a lot of research for that, but most of the time are just waste on wait for people and directions confusing!!! =]

  32. @suituapuiFinally my high school friend did force me to go, just 15 minutes after the cruise start, she told me is so boring...
    I know, the place is so confusing, not enough signboard to show the directions!!!
    Don't dare to curi-curi take la, scared later get into troubles lol!!! =]

  33. @Ric LifeNCanvasI know right, but things just happened unexpected!!! =]

  34. @宅妈真是超乎我的应变能力了,游记会在周末才上,因为在等我朋友的照片!!! =]

  35. @Small KucingA lot of bad things happened, but still acceptable lol!!! =]

    Nope, there's the cheapest from KL Sentral to Sentral Kepong, isn't that???

    There's sign for that, just that I didn't notice about it!!! =[

  36. @suituapuiMine is semi-D... is consider big lol!!! Can't even hide for it!!! =]

  37. @xiao P 笑屁已经不想再去了,丢脸到我都不想再去想了!!!

    是很慢咯,都只么多年了,一点进步都没有!!! =[

  38. @Wilson Chan还好我嗅不到,要省钱就是要委屈一点咯!!! =]

  39. @梦梦没办法,读英文书的朋友告诉我不会看华文,华语地质的人不太爱看英文!!! =]

  40. 其实古晋还是很好的!!(我是古晋人)


    (p/s:你去的博物馆附近有一间plaza merdeka,对面有一条亚答街,在亚答街的入口的右边,就是pos office。

    1. 哈哈哈,原來你是道地人,當時我跟我朋友還是傻傻的,所以很多東西都不知道,下次有機會,要請你當我們的導演哦!


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