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Sunday, December 22, 2013

【ComicFiesta|動漫日】Comic Fiesta 2013: Before the Entrance|動漫日的入場處

December 22, 2013, Sunday
Finally found the entrance and ready to enter, but I was attracted to those cosplay character costume outside. On this side is towards to the entrance so you would so many people here.

 And look at the other side, the crowds wasn't kidding. People come and go to pose and let people taking picture, never expect I've spend so much time was just to trying to take all the cosplay characters here. But they're just come and go, hard to catch them all.


The one I got so surprise here is to see marvel character, X-Men here (my bad, is my miss understanding, always thought that cosplay is mostly from Japan comic) And after so long, glad I still be able to see people cosplay as Sailor Moon here, used to thought this anime is too old for the teenage. Okay, that's all...I only just this much and serious the one I barely can point out is The Prince of Tennis, as it was quite famous in my school time.

Event Periods: December 21 (Saturday) ~ December 22 (Sunday), 2013
Time: 10am - 10pm

Admission Fee: RM20


  1. Wasehh, super crowdy.. Eh I like Baymax.. Haha.. But I feel that their makeup not so extreme, their faces looks very "normal"..

  2. 一看就知道日本漫画角色很多,但我也叫不出名字~~~:)

  3. I have witnessed 3 Cosplay events in KL so far. I love their creativity, costumes and custom made weapons!! I could recognise 3-4 familiar faces in your photos as I guess this group always rotate around.

    1. Yea, at least you still recognized a few...me...hmmmm.........

  4. They are so committed and dedicated to making their costumes look as alike as the characters they are portraying. Kudos!

    1. Yea, is their hobbies I guess, everyone has different hobbies and expertise, that's why make them so different.


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