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Friday, December 13, 2013

【Gift|禮物】Postcard from Taiwan|來自臺灣的明信片

December 13, 2013, Friday
Met Ember at Xiao Shu's wedding and she went to Taiwan end of November. Thanks for sending me postcard from there. I haven't been to this place before, maybe this could be the next attraction?
第一次看到Ember的時候是在小樹的婚禮。 見面后她就到臺灣去了,感謝她即使身在臺灣都爲我寄明信片,當他人身在外地,自己被記得是一件幸福的事。

杉林溪簡介 : (資料取自網路) 杉林溪森林遊樂區位於南投縣,行政區域屬竹山鎮, 聯外道路是經二高下竹山交流道,經鹿谷溪頭再往 上到達本園區,海拔介於1600公尺至1800公尺之間 ,屬溫帶季風氣候,雨量冬季較稀少,夏季是本島 典型午後雷陣雨之氣候,終年雲霧繚繞,景觀變幻 無常,時而陽光普照,時而山色迷濛,年平均氣溫 20度C左右氣候涼爽,四季均適宜渡假旅遊。

Need to be specify here indeed she has very nice handwriting which most of us agree so. The best moment to receive her postcard is to see her nice handwriting, hehe!
每次都會特別的强調她的字很漂亮,因為它們真的很漂亮嘛! 幾乎每一次都會很期待收到她的信件或明信片,她那漂亮字體看了真是讓人賞心悅目。

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  1. Wedding dinner, nice.. Long time I no attend wedding dinner.. I always love the first dish (4 seasons), second dish (some kinda soup, since now no more sharkfins), the fried rice/glutinous rice and desserts..

  2. Another with nice handwriting that i know is you☺

  3. So sweet of Ember to send you the postcard. I have not been to this place in Taiwan too. Looks nice.

    1. Yea, that can me your next destination then.


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