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Saturday, December 07, 2013

【LadiesDay|淑女日】Guess of the Horse Race|賽馬時段猜一猜

December 7, 2013, Saturday 
This is the continue with the ladies day post. Yeah, of course the event wasn't end that fast. Done with the food, followed by the horse race guessing contest.

This definitely brought me back to this All for the Winner movie, where Stephen Chow used his given special features to change the horse race ticket number to the number that has won.

Also from the movie, before the race, he used his given special feature to ask the horse who's gonna to win the race. And he accidentally asked a mad horse which indirectly make him lost the bet.

That was at the outside, which is still not so clear to see each of the horse. Want closer picture one, the indoor TV has provide one and with the bet number and chance of win screen at the side some more.

So at the side of it has this "Guess The Winner Contest" of the horse race. Just wrote down your info and put into horse number box that you vote. (I did put one inside one of these box, but I forgot which one I had put because I just simply pick one to put, hehe!)

With every horses info on the table, the host starts to discuss with few of the participants of the event. And I, only managed to snap a picture of one of the racing tips paper, but still don't know how it works though.

Event Date: December 7 (Saturday), 2013
Time: 10am - 4pm


  1. Didn't know got such event, very interesting, like real gambling, very "chi kek", haha.. But I still prefer 4D la, kakakaka..

  2. eih, this is very interesting.. guessing with horse will win, meaning you are betting in another word?? hahaha.. so just put your name inside the box of the horse you think is going to win, like lucky draw leh.. Chui Ling looked so expert like that, haha!! so in the end, which number came out??

    1. I forgot and actually I didn't even go check it out....hahaha

  3. Wow! You are in high society to go to the races all dressed up with hats and everything. Must be a super nice experience!

    1. Actually I don't really like it, I like to be normal more.


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