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Monday, December 02, 2013


December 2, 2013, Monday
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Are you a Phubbing??? (You might nod your head for this!!! =]) I seems like always on my phone all the time, but practically I  don't let my eyes stared at the screen for too long!!! The reason you see I always online is because I typed very fast so I would put my phone away was I'm done with it, pick it up only when notifications pop up (Not that free to check on the phone all the time)

Watched this video few days ago, this was designed by some robot lovers from Spain, they use this robot which made in Japan to make a video reflect on how people addicted to smartphone nowadays!!!

Those points that they mentioned in it, are you look like one of those???
1. Take Pictures of anything
I admit this (if no taking pictures, what should I used to upload here??? =.=!!!) Of course they mean some weird photos such as some people like to selfie while somebody was doing big business as the background in toilet!!! And some even wants to prove they've been to those accidents places and they got to selfie use the accident condition as the background!!! Some mother even hilarious, they love to post the "gold" of their children (wouldn't be she wants to teach the rest how to consider the "gold" of the day is healthy or not???)

2. Upload Pictures for "LIKE"
I'm not desperate of "LIKE" on FB but more in Instagram (better to let the unknown to like my pictures rather than those to criticize on me in FB) Actually, "LIKE" or "UNLIKE" is just a bonus, don't focus on it too much, your life isn't just about how many "LIKE" you gain in every post!!!

3. Crazy on Games
I do play games even though I'm quite busy sometimes, but I won't get myself addicted to it (Not to hide it, the games I play currently is Hay Day and The Tribez) I recommend my third older sister to play Hay Day few weeks ago, and now she blame on me about influencing her to play games until midnight, I told her that I didn't ask you play for nonstop, you must know when's the time to stop what……Talking about games, I spotted that lots of people deeply addicted to Candy Crush, like that moment I took MRT in Singapore, I saw a lot of people busy playing it, tried to look around, at least must see one person is playing, some cases even serious, people on the left, right, front even the back are playing Candy Crush!!! Really??? =.=!!!

4. Spend money on Games Tools
I would definitely NOT doing this, it may cause to  lost the fun of playing, but still……my sister and friend also spend money on it, hahaha!!! Anyone of you like this??? Tell me, tell me!!! I heard that previously lots of artists spent quite a lot in playing Candy Crush lo!!! (They must earn a lot!!!)

5. Texting face to face
Don't you feel awkward when the person just right in front of you then you send a text to him/her, why don't just say it which is way easier??? Personally I don't encourage phone on the eating table, felt so strange when everyone just sit around the table just looking at their own phone without any talking…Things might get quite funny, when you ask the person who do you had to have meal just now??? He/she maybe won't even know who was it lo!!! 

6. Without Phone is like the end of the world
I'm totally fine with it, cause I don't have much friends, no one would ever call, so without phone or any electronic devices I still can do readings, there're always a lot of stuffs for me to work on!!!

7. Desperate the get the newest model
I like to discover newest model, but I won't get it right away, maybe after few more weeks or couple of months to see how're the reviews go!!! Won't be like those sacrifice sleeping time to camping along the road just to get the newest model (Sleeping is very important to woman)

不知道马来西亚流行叫每天看手机的人是“低頭族”吗???   无可否认我也是,但是都会让眼睛休息离开荧幕一下,虽说看到我好像在电脑前,其实是因为我打字很快,所以每次打完就放下了,直到有notication才再拿起来看(没有那么得空时不时都在看电脑/手机)!!!


1. 什么东西都拍
这个必须的(不然哪有照片上部落格???   =.=!!!)当然有些是说有人在上厕所的时候拍,为了证明自己经过火灾或意外现场,而当场自拍,有些妈妈就连自己儿女的“黄金”都要拍给大家看(那是要教大家如何分辨健康或不健康的“黄金”吗?)

2. 上载照片等人按“赞”
面子书的“赞”其实我没有那么稀罕,比较忠诚于instagram的(给不认识的人按“赞”好过给人士的人胡言乱语一番)其实“赞”,“不赞”是一个bonus,所以我都不太在意,真的!!!   生活里还有很多东西要烦恼,这样就被“赞”,”不赞”而打倒,未免也太弱了吧?

3. 疯狂玩游戏
虽然我很忙但是我一直以来都有玩游戏的,只是等notification的时候才去玩(不用瞒啦,我玩的就是Hay Day  The Tribez话说当我介绍我三姐玩Hay Day后,她竟然沉迷下去,她说我害她半夜不睡觉而玩游戏,我告诉她我又没有叫你一直玩,要自己看看的嘛。。。说到游戏要说很多爱玩的Candy Crush咯!   马来西亚治安差到“阿妈都不认得!”所以我是自己驾车,快快上车下车的,很久没有乘搭公共交通了,所以不知道这里的公共交通是否也是遇到这样。 但我在新加坡搭地铁时候,周围望一望,一定是有一个是在玩Candy Crush的,不然就是左边右边前面后面都在玩,就要要被Candy Crush掩埋了!!!   =.=!!!

4. 付钱买游戏道具
我是绝对不会把钱花在这个上,我姐姐就是,哈哈哈,我身边的朋友也是。。。哈哈哈!!!   有没有???   有没有人是这样???   有听过很多明星因为Candy Crush而花了很多钱。。。快快来招供,你是不是也是这样还是曾经这样???

5. 面对面不停的传简讯
虽说我是机不离手,但是吃饭或说话的时候我都会放下手机,感觉全部人都坐着然后又不说话一直按手机很奇怪!!!   每次出去吃饭都看到很多人都是这样,就只是按手机而已,或许用餐完毕后,你问他你刚才和谁用餐来,他可能都回答不出来吧!!!

6. 手机没电就像天塌下来一样

7. 为追潮流而个个抢着买


  1. haha, i watch the first video before about idiot~ in deed it was so true about our society nowadays~

    1. I watched this few days or weeks ago, so is not that like new news...

  2. haha, interesting.. now i learn a new term PHUBBING to describe these people.. :p

    #1 - not take photo of everything lah, but things that are interesting to me only
    #2 - i don't upload for like, but i do upload if i like~~ :)
    #3 - errr, i play games on my phone.. but only when i'm free (though can play for a long time)
    #4 - sorry, but anything that needs money, forget it!!
    #5 - haha, face-to-face talk is faster than texting lah
    #6 - errr, won't feel the end of the world, but then quite uncomfortable lor
    #7 - definitely not lah.. one phone can use a few years one mah..

    1. Hahaha!!! I also just learn that word!!! =]

    2. 7. Some people tended to change phone according to the market newest model!!! =]

  3. 1)什么东西都拍,当然啦,不然怎样发文?呵呵~~
    3 & 4)我没有玩游戏的习惯,所以也不会花钱买道具,呵呵~~
    5)没有什么人会找我,所以我不用一直回简讯 =.=
    6)手机没电我不怕人家找不到我(因为没有人会找我),我只怕emergency 的时候没有办法求助~~

    1. 我也是一样,没有什么人找。。。哈哈哈,所以不用担心!!! =]

  4. Have to say that I am a candy crush freak, finished all 500 levels @.@

    1. WAH……500levels??? Salute at you lo!!! Expert!!! =]

  5. 我偶尔也会玩games, 不过不会上瘾。
    超流的东西, 适量就好, 不然满足了自己, 荷包就受罪了!

  6. 我应该还没这么严重,至少用餐时,还是会在拍一两张照片后,就专心吃饭了

  7. I am not crazy for any games in FB, not at all.
    In fact I got so annoyed when I received game requests from friends!!

    1. Me too, but I just block the game instead, hahaha!!! =]

  8. 呵呵~反而覺得有了智能手機,多了很多樂趣,不止能打發時間也可以隨時和朋友聯繫分享,挺不錯的。


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