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Friday, December 13, 2013

【Gift|禮物】All the way From Kuching, Sarawak|來自沙撈越古晉的

December 13, 2013, Friday
That day I was rushing for a movie, so I only get to open this letter at midnight!!! Was kinda surprise, it's from 艾莉丝 all the way from Kuching, who're also handmade card expert!!!
那天回家后又跑去看电影,到晚上深夜才开信封来看!!!   原来是来自猫城手工达人加新婚美人妻的艾莉丝亲手做的卡片!!!

She shared her experience of making it in her blog that she only made 13 of them, and felt so lucky that I'm one of her 13 receivers!!! It's like some kind of limited edition, right???
真是受宠若惊,因为她只做了13张,很幸运的我有包括在内咯,很开心!!!   所以在她部落格留言说这是限量版的手制卡片哦!!!

More to comment on is this!!! Saw some bloggers had received her wedding photos……and I really wish to get one from her…...but ended up I wasn't dare to ask from her, scared might get rejected or giving troublesome to her!!! So now, can imagine how happy am I once I received those, thanks ya!!! =]
还有就是收到她的结婚照片,话说她新婚那时,我有看到有博客得到她结婚照,超级想开口要,但是很怕被拒绝被嫌麻烦所以到最后都没有问到!!!   呵呵!!!   可以想像我收到它们的时候我是多么的兴奋哦,谢谢你!!!   =]

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