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Friday, April 26, 2013

【Movie|电影】Drug War《毒戰》

Can't really take the story line is so cruel!!!
Not to spoiled the story,
just have to say it reflected the society nowadays is so cold blood!!!

The character that played by Louis Koo is so greedy and selfish,
just to keep his life alive,
he can sacrificed every of his friends and everything!!! =[

他可以牺牲朋友,牺牲一切!!!   =[

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Crime, Drama
Running Time: 105minutes (1hr45mins)
Directed by: Johnnie To 杜琪峯

When Mainland Chinese Inspector Zhang runs into the Hong Kong man Cai at the hosital, who has been in a car accident due to chemical poisoning, he immediately senses something fishy about him. It turns out Cai is indeed a drug manufacturer closely linked to the notorious drug lord Li. To save his own neck, Cai agrees to help Zhang arrest Li by facilitating his disguise as a buyer in order to lure Li into a drug deal. Right before this undercover operation is about to bear fruit, Zhang realizes all too late that the relationship between Cai and Li is not what it seems, and instead of having played Cai as a pawn in a battle of wits, he himself has been a pawn in Cai’s own game all along.

津海(以天津为原型)禁毒大隊長張雷(孫紅雷飾)剛完成臥底任務,成功抓獲一批體內藏毒的毒販,卻在醫院碰見一名失控撞車受傷的蔡添明(古天樂飾)。雷憑其敏銳職業嗅覺,判斷蔡添明涉嫌製毒,遂查出已被炸成狼藉的製毒窩點。與此同時,粵江(以广东为原型)緝毒警察軍、雄跟蹤運送毒品原料的貨車,一路來到津海。雷接應二人,得知此毒品原料來自大毒梟黎振標,而收貨人正是蔡添明。 面對犯罪事實,蔡添明供認不諱,更願協助警方,誘捕黎振標,戴罪立功。以張雷為首的津海、粵江兩地警員遂喬裝買家與黎振標販毒團夥展開一場危險搏奕,同時,還要時刻提防蔡添明逃跑、鬥智鬥力。最終,張雷發現了黎振標的驚天秘密,更與蔡添明有著千絲萬縷的關係,張雷驚覺這個為求活命,不惜出賣任何人的蔡添明,可能並不是自己的棋子,或許倒過來,是自己在他的棋盤上。未打響一鎗,毒戰早已拉開帷幕…
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