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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday!!!

Are you excited that is Friday today???
I always wish is Friday everyday!!!
Since is Friday so is time to hangout with my friend again!!! =]
只是在1U各人买了两瓶酒来喝!!!  =]

 Mine is on the right side and the one on the left is what my friend picked!!! =]
我的是右边,他的是左边的!!!  =]

After drinks,
we just headed to Sunway Giza to walk around and have a late night dessert at Station one!!! =]
(Look around,
just only two of us were ordering these,
is strange but this was just remind us while we were back to States at Steak and Shake which is the only place to hangout around midnight!!! =])
趁还早我们就到Sunway Giza走走!!!
然后在Station one吃了很肥的冰淇淋!!!
可能是我们俩都很想念以前Steak and Shake的时光,


  1. a lot of shops there but very hard to find parking

  2. @Small KucingMy friend who is the one who driving, so I never worry about it!!! =]

  3. @cutemum哈哈哈,我恨懒惰拍照,因为我觉得我自己不上镜,不过我下次会问一问他要不要合照,看看!!! =]


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