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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pray for Sichuan, Wien

Let's pray for Sichuan, Wien!!!

I was thinking to donate to Sichuan!!!
But what happened was those government people or those people who in charged always took away those money!!!

Do you guys still remember few years back ago!!!
There's a heavy earthquake happened in Sichuan???

A lot of people donate money to them!!!
End up they did use the money to build some house and some school!!!
But after that they collapse all these building and decided to build those luxury houses!!!
Is this scary???
What's in their mind, seriously???
Just money???

after this earthquake,
a lot of people were just trying the best 72hours to save those surviver!!!
And this prime minister was like wanted to show how much he care about the incident,
he walked in that place and bring a lot of people,
a lot of media reporter to record that how much caring that he had towards this incident!!!
but seriously...
the best thing he should do is you shouldn't be in there,
that's just make it worst,
because you're in there, 
they gotta be serving you which is 
 just disturb how they're trying to save those surviver,
which is definitely not help at all!!!

Sorry those are in Chinese!!!
I bet is hard to get the english version of this,
I did trying my best to translate in English!!!
for those who can understand Chinese you'll definitely understand is hard to get a English of theses!!!



  1. Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response ♥

  2. btw, I love this song.. Reminds me on the tvb drama I watched..

  3. 相比之下,马来西亚没有这种天灾,很幸运,真是一个好居处!这个国家资源又多,应该会是富有的国家,偏偏。。。所以要变天咯。。。

  4. There is so much sadness in the world, we need to pray for everyone on this planet that is suffering.

  5. Oh we need pray for Sichuan!
    Is a really bad sitation!
    Really sad.

  6. not only for Sichuan
    we need to......
    Pray for the world

  7. 我们马来西亚幸运的是没有天灾,不过人祸政治就乱七八糟,为四川祈祷...

  8. yes right, must always make sure that the authority is trustworthy before making any donations..

  9. 每次听到天灾的消息都觉得悲伤
    尤其是看新闻报道 那些流离失所的


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