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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

【Random|隨寫】WAKE UP! Malaysian Rapper United (Namewee / Ashtaka / 5Forty2)

Nothing much to say on!!!
Since a lot of people are keep talking about this coming elections,
so just help to share this as a support!!!
plus is quite a nice song!!!


  1. just 5 more days to go and everyone is talking about the coming GE.. saw quite a number of MV clips from youtube too, some of those originally composed songs are nice!!

    p/s: of course that does not include "Love Is In The Air".. LOL :D

  2. Not a fan of the guy. Crude, rude language. Have you seen/heard the one by a group of University Malaya students: "Head held high"? It's in Mandarin - very very nice. This is teh Facebook link:

  3. This is the youtube link:

  4. 老实说,我最近也觉得反感,特别是对某政党的电台广告!

  5. 我也认为,太乱了。尤其广告,pui~

  6. @eve_yee对呀,说回去他们很烦,就会被说你不爱国这样那样!!! =[


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